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The 7 Worst TV Brands to avoid and the Most Reliable TVs in 2024

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The world of televisions is saturated with brands. From large electronics chains to small online retailers, there are many different places to buy from your best tv brands. To make sure you are getting the best deal, read on to find out the worst TV brands of 2024. Most brands have the best smart tv to offer. 

The television industry is constantly evolving. New brands and models are coming out almost every day making best TV brands 2021 outdated. This makes it increasingly difficult for consumers to know what tv brands and models to trust. 

In such a competitive environment, it is almost impossible for new brands to gain traction and establish themselves as reliable options. This is especially true for small and lesser known brands. Unless you are a true connoisseur of television, it might be hard to tell the difference between good brands and models. That’s where this list will help. Read on to discover the 7 worst TV brands list to avoid in 2024.

Your first clue is that all of these brands are made by companies. For example, Samsung, LG, and Sony all make TVs. But is the Samsung tv the best buy? So which brands are worth buying?

We’ll compare the features of each brand, look at reliability and customer service, and provide a list of the 7 worst TV brands to avoid in 2024 and the best smart TV brand to buy. Also, see our recommendations for the best smart TVs, the best budget TVs, and the best 4k tv brands, basically a good smart tv for you.

With this list, you can easily spot the top tv brands and models in the industry. Read on to know more about the 7 worst TV brands and best tv brands list available in the market.

Red Flags to help you pindown the worst TV brands

  • Beware of the ones that say “Final Sale”, or “Last One in Stock
  • Brands that are totally unknown. It is wise to invest in well-known TV brands for those are reliable brands when it comes to warranty or any issue later on.
  • The best budget tv brand is what we are looking for but beware of extremely cheap prices for good smart tv specifications. There are high chances that TV is cheaply built and liable to malfunction. Only the best affordable tv but bad tv brands in reality.
  • Further, TV brands with poor picture quality, sound quality, inappropriate screen size, warranties not even for 2 years or ignorant customer support, bad customer reviews, or bad reputation tv brands, should be stayed away.

Buying Guide When it comes to 2024 televisions

How to choose the best and worst tv brands?

If you want the best quality tv to buy, the following parameters will help you do so.

Cost factor

The best budget tv brand is what everyone wants and today HDTVS and smart TVs has made that possible as today you can easily purchase a good smart TV of 55 inches with best picture quality in less than a grand.

But yeah do not fall into the cheap TV brand trap when searching for the best affordable Tv brands for your homes.

Size of TV screen

The bigger the better, but at the end the one that fits your pocket and your home. Usually the best feel of a 4k display is when you buy a TV of at least 40 inches or above.

4K vs OLED – the better buy?

One thing becomes obvious , do not buy anything less than a 4K or OLED when you are looking for best buy brand tv. OLED is superior and expensive than 4k LED but the smart features of 4K are also commendable and have good value for money. OLEDS offer best high end tvs.4K can also be one of the best TV choices in 2024

Resolution range

HD with resolution of 1920 x 1080 and  4 K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) are the best rated tv’s when it comes to best quality television. Both of them are doing good on the market but UHD takes the game away with better clarity and number of pixels although they are pretty expensive. But all the best quality tv brand at least have HD resolution

Connections, ports, HDR compatibility, Smart features

A bit technical but necessary details to keep in mind when you are about to buy best quality television. Select v2.0 HDMIs rather than more common v1.4 HDMI because it provides better compatibility. TVs providing an extra HDMI 2.1 port is beneficial for game fanatics.

Secondly, HDR televisions of 2024 produce better image contrast and brighter images making it a preferable option over non-HDR, especially for surreal entertainment impact.

WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth compatibility, ethernet port accessibility, and voice recognition feature are the offerings of smart TVs today so just ensure your television has all of the above.

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7 Worst TV brands to avoid

RCA tv, Westinghouse, Hisense smart tv, Sceptre, Hitachi, FFalcon, and Insignia. These are the 7 tv brands you probably don’t want to get in between. These are the 2024 TVs brands list you should just avoid. 

After a comprehensive analysis of well-known and reputable TV brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic to not-so-popular TV brands like Bauhn and Linsar, this list has been prepared.

Let us dig into why is it a bad choice to buy these 7 tv brands in 2024


For the cheapest 4K LED TV, the best buy is an RCA TV.  But lots of customer complaints, bad reviews, and ratings (only 51%) place RCA TV in our top list of 7 worst tv brands of 2024.

RCA TVs have a really nice design, and the build quality is also good for the affordable smart tv price range amongst TV brands but the problems are many compared to the benefits of this smart TV brand.

In addition to RCA tv’s  54% ratings for 2020-2021, one of the most obvious negatives of this brand’s television is the small sizes (only 30-50-inch Tv options). The other disadvantages are the following:

  • No local dimming.
  • Mediocre picture quality.
  • Limited HDR compatibility.
  • Port placements are not convenient.
  • The angle of view is narrow.

These drawbacks prevent it from being the top led tv brands


One of the Chinese tv brands, Hisense tv brand provides low-budget smart LED TVs. Hisense’s 32-inch smart tv is the most popular Hisense LED TV to purchase, however, the shortcomings of Hisense LEDs far outweigh its fame and do not make it the best television to buy. hisense 4k smart tv has a rating of just 58 percent. Hisense Television flaws based on Hisense smart tv reviews from customers who have purchased Hisense TV in 2021.

  • Ineffective local dimming.
  • The black contrast is low.
  • The two HDMI ports are available. HDMI ports, but only one of them has one of them is 2.0 support.
  • The features of Smart TV are not great.

Additional Hisense H8 TV models do not have an edge-lit panel. In the end, it’s the quality that makes Hisense tv 4k, Hisense LEDs fall short on the list of best smart tv to buy.


Westinghouse is another low-cost 4K television that comes with a beautiful design and an affordable cost tag. So it’s not surprising to see this brand of TV in this list, but its score of just 57% seems annoying.

It’s a little higher priced than RCA TV, however, the quality of the image is better and it comes with many more features, including the ability to function as a smart TV.

Westinghouse Television’s USP is its voice recognition, however, its weaknesses make it one of the worst TV brands on the list:

  • The colors aren’t as dark, even in 4K.
  • The angles of view are not great.
  • The color spectrum appears skewed.
  • Non-HDR television.

Furthermore, Westinghouse is not perfect. They don’t have a large selection of TVs available on their website and don’t offer specific information on their offerings in accordance with Westinghouse Tv user reviews.


Hitachi TV is a well-known Japanese TV brand with a long-standing history and known as a good TV brand. This is why it might be a surprise to you to find their name in our list of the worst TVs.

It’s not a completely non reputable television brand, but it’s not living up to its image of one providing the best picture quality tv.

Producing just an average of 51% customer satisfaction over the past three years, its primary problem is the absence of laudable features, especially considering that it’s made in a highly technologically advanced region.

Other negatives to this brand in a few TV shows include:

  • Screen blinking issues.
  • Smart features aren’t as powerful.
  • Image quality is low.
  • The quality of the sound is not great.
  • Warranty and after-sales service are not exemplary.

It is no longer the reliable old TV brands it used to be.


While it has achieved an above-average score of 61% for brand satisfaction and customer satisfaction The popularity of Sceptre as a television brand among consumers has diminished over time, despite being best affordable tv. Sceptre range of models include LED televisions, LCD televisions, plasma televisions, 3D televisions, and ultra HD 4K televisions.

The most frequent issues concerning this brand include based on Sceptre Tv customer reviews:

  • It has 4K choices but does not have regular intelligent features.
  • They continue to sell non-4K televisions.
  • Volume is low.
  • Image quality is not subpar on average.


FFalcon is also a Chinese TV manufacturer that offers affordable smart tv and 4K TVs. Its design is attractive and the 4K TV is packed with appealing features.

However, some of the FFalcon television’s main disadvantages include a very lower contrast ratio poor viewing angles, bad quality of color, and not very clever features making it one of the nonreliable tv brands.

The quality of the sound is rather dismal. It’s not a great sound system, with a variety of bass speakers, which can be quite disappointing as a tv brand.

Here are the most frequent FFalcon TV issues  and reviews that are shared by the customers

  • Color accuracy is not great.
  • Low contrast ratio
  • Smart features aren’t very complete
  • Bad Viewing angles


The final Worst TV brand to avoid is Insigne. It is not difficult to see that the brand is among the best-selling TV brands. However, their 4K TVs aren’t up to the mark.

There are some great features of the Insignia smart TV. However, there are some things I do not like about it.

It is first difficult to find the settings. I’m not even sure where to begin. Additionally, the advanced features aren’t well developed. For instance, I’m unable to discover a way to add subtitles. Also, the image quality isn’t as high as it could be.

Here’s a listing of some of the problems that can be found in Insignia televisions as per customer reviews.

  • The smart features are not well-developed
  • Mediocre Sound Quality
  • The settings can be hard to find.

Insignia as a brand of tv doesn’t do justice and joins the list of 7 worst TV brands to avoid.

5 of the most Reliable TV brands


Based in South Korea, the best company for smart tv, Samsung entered the electronics market in the year 1969. Since then, Samsung has grown into a world-leading manufacturer of consumer goods. Samsung makes a variety of items, from refrigerators to phones, to their top-of-the-line televisions.

Alongside Sony and LG, Samsung Tvs are among the most popular TV manufacturers, best-ranked tv brands, and among the brands that frequently introduce new technologies prior to anyone else. Samsung smart-led tv was introduced to be competitive with LG’s OLED models.

All Samsung TVs focus on LED-backlit models, and their range of models, ranging from basic models such as the Samsung AU8000 to the Samsung A8000 to the premium best buy Samsung smart tv 8k Samsung QN900A QLED. 

A great choice of purchase is 4k Samsung TVs, especially for those who want to watch movies in the dark. Samsung QN90A QLED is the best new Samsung  4K LED TV we’ve ever tested and, even though you’re spending an extra amount compared to other brands, you can be sure you’re getting the best buy tv sets with the best quality.

These are easily the best buy Samsung tv for their well-known gaming-specific features, such as variable refresh speed support HDMI 2.1 capacity, outstanding motion handling, and minimal input delays. 

If price is not a limiting factor, always look out for Samsung TV offers as it is one of the best buys for smart tvs. Based on Samsung TV reviews, here is the sum up of Samsung as a TV brand.

  • Well-rounded. Samsung’s premium models are some of the top televisions that have the best quality tv we’ve seen. They aren’t the best in only one particular area. Best quality tv brand, Samsung is a great all-rounder and offers excellent performance for a range of purposes.
  • The best picture quality Samsung tv is able to perform well in dark and bright areas. Their QLED TVs, specifically ones that have VA panels, are excellent contrast and can be bright, which is why they’re ideal for bright and dark rooms providing the best picture tv brand
  • Excellent gaming features. Samsung is the best rated smart tv brand when it comes to gaming features. Even their mid-range models feature adjustable refresh rates (VRR) and support for ALLM making Samsung the best quality tv to buy

Samsung smart led tv, Samsung 32-inch smart tv 4k, led Samsung 32 inch, and Samsung 4k tv is the most searched Samsung Tv models. Even all the Samsung tv reviews are phenomenal with good feedback. In 2024, Samsung Tvs are the popular choice for the best buy of reliable Tv brands.


The best smart tv, LG is among the most well-known electronic brands around the world. It was founded as a small company operating in South Korea in 1947, they’ve since grown into an international conglomerate that specializes in various consumer electronic products. They’re considered to be an industry leader in tv brand names due to one of their subsets, LG Display – a separate entity from LG Electronics – is one of the biggest screen panel makers television brands. After Samsung televisions, they are the best tvs to buy

LG Display is the only manufacturer of OLED TV panels. And due to that, LG Electronics has a huge range of OLED TV models and often, they cost less than other models, making it the best buy smart tv. 

LG’s 2021 line-up includes several best quality tv brands that range from LG’s LG G1 OLED which has a unique design and is intended to be right against the wall to the standard. LG C1 OLED offers the most affordable smart tv and features since it comes with every gaming feature that people are seeking, including HDMI 2.1 bandwidth and a 120Hz display, as well as variable rate (VRR) support. LG TV reviews are awesome and some of the highlight features are as follows.

  • The most effective LG TVs use OLED, and they are the largest player in the best-led tv brand segment
  • Great viewing angles. Both OLED and LED TVs typically offer wide viewing angles.
  • Excellent smart platform. Its intelligent webOS 6.0 platform webOS 6.0 continues to be among the top in 2021. It’s user-friendly and one of the top smart tv brands, and it’s LG Magic Remote makes menu navigation easy.


Alongside LG and Samsung-list of smart tv brands, Sony is part of the three major TV brands selling the most. They also produce OLEDs. The models they make with LEDs are superior to LG’s as they make use of VA panels that have high contrast. In contrast to LG as well as Samsung, Sony doesn’t have an exclusive smart platform however, they do use Google TV for the most current models, and is a great option for those who already have the Google ecosystem in their home.

Sony just recently came out with an update to their firmware that included variable refresh rate and auto Low latency Mode (ALLM) features for their 2021 televisions, however, they’re not able to support FreeSync as well. Sony TVs typically are slower to input than other TVs.

Still, sony is another name for a quality tv brand that is highly reliable.

  • Versatile lineup. Sony is among a few companies that provide each of the OLED and LED models, overall good smart tv brands. This means you can pick the style you prefer while both the OLEDs as well as LED TVs offer excellent picture quality.
  • Fantastic upscaling and motion-handling make it the best smart tv to buy. Sony TVs, including the ones with lower prices, are better than the average when it regards upscaling lower-resolution media and also provides the highest level of motion-handling.
  • Great color accuracy. The majority of Sony TVs we’ve tested come with excellent color accuracy right out of the box. It’s unlikely that you’ll need to have the Sony TV calibrated to enjoy the most enjoyable viewing experience.


Another brand with a budget-friendly and affordable tv brand, TCL is a relatively new player in the market for TVs. They began selling TVs in the United States in 2014. In beginning, they were founded as a Chinese electronics firm in the early 1980s. 

For a long time, TCL TVs were famous because of the Roku TV smart platform. In contrast to LG as well as Samsung Tvs, TCL doesn’t use an internal platform but makes use of a combination with Roku TV and Google TV in accordance with the model. 

Since their TVs aren’t expensive, they can compete with other brands that are budget-friendly such as Hisense smart Tv or Vizio. 

The moderate-priced TVs, the 5 Series/S546 QLED 2021 and the TCL 6 Series/R646 in 2021 use Mini LED backlighting. This gives you better control over the local dimming zones as well as greater peak brightness.TCL remains a little behind other best tv brands regarding performance in dark rooms. They offer a wider selection of models worldwide as well. Unlike Hisense smart Tvs and their U.S. model isn’t offered in other countries.

The benefits of TCL TVs as per the customer reviews of TCL Tv  include:

  • Incredible natural contrast ratio.
  • High-pitched luminosity with SDR as well as HDR.
  • Excellent reflection handling.
  • Two HDMI 2.1 inputs.


Vizio is an American TV company based in California and their televisions can only be found in the United States. In contrast to the other brands on the list below, Vizio doesn’t have a wide range of products since they focus their efforts on entertainment-related electronics, such as televisions or audio bars. 

The TVs they sell are less expensive than high-end models of Samsung 2024 as well as Sony. The majority of their TVs feature outstanding contrast and offer deep blacks that provide outstanding performance in dark rooms. 

It has also been ranked as one of the top five brands of television sets. This brand has been known to sell a variety of different television sets. These include plasma televisions, LCD televisions, 4K ultra HD televisions, LED televisions, and even 3D televisions. The company has been recently bought out by LeEco.

One of Vizio’s most significant drawbacks is its smart interface. It does not have an integrated app store as well as no option to install new applications. 

If you’re only interested in lower resolution content and you don’t have a high-resolution TV, Vizio is among the few companies that produce TVs with 720p and 1080p resolutions such as their Vizio D3 Series for 2021. The rest of their lineup comprises the top-of-the-line P Series and P Series Quantum, the moderate-priced M Series, and the entry-level 4K V Series. Alongside its LED offerings, they have an OLED model that was released in 2020. You will still be able to purchase it in 2021. On the basis of Vizio TV reviews, it is the best Tv Brand in the affordable and good smart Tvs.

  • Affordable prices. For the same features Vizio TVs are priced affordably, and in many cases, they are a few hundred dollars less than their rivals.
  • Excellent image quality even in a dark space. All of their top-end and mid-range models feature a full-array dimming local backlight that allows for deep blacks.
  • Excellent gaming features. Vizio TVs typically include gaming options like FreeSync support, and even on their less expensive models.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do TVs usually last? 

Most TVs have a lifespan between 2 and 5 years after which they wear and tear.

Is a Smart TV worth the money? 

It depends on your needs and budget. If you want a TV with all the latest features and apps, then a Smart TV is worth the investment. However, if you’re not interested in those features, you may be better off with a traditional TV.

Are LCD TVs better than LED TVs? 

It depends on your preferences. LCD TVs typically have better picture quality, while LED TVs usually have a thinner design and use less energy.


Do you remember when you last went to a shop to buy a brand new television set? Well, what did you do? Did you just purchase the first television set that you saw on the shelf or did you do your research before making a purchase? There is a very big difference between the two. When you actually research a bit before buying anything, you get to know all the hidden facts about a product. The same is true in the case of television sets. There are a few brands of television sets that you must avoid at all costs and there are some reputable ones that you must definitely invest in.

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