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Apple Fitness+ introduces new methods to inspire people to achieve their goals

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It’s the start of the new year, and we know that people take fitness resolutions and are looking for new ways to achieve their goals. To make this feasible, Apple Fitness+ has introduced innovative and engaging methods.

Apple Fitness+ is a remarkable Wellness and fitness program powered by Apple Watch. It is an institution designed to be accessible to everyone, irrespective of where an individual is in their fitness journey.

This award-winning fitness drive aims to enable users to lead an active and healthy life.

The new methods were launched on January 10, 2022, including the new Time to Walk participants and celebrity artists. Apple Fitness+, the first fitness and wellness program designed entirely with Apple Watch and designed to be open to all and is set to launch the following.


A collection of exercises & meditation in the fitness+ library to enable users to achieve an objective. Utilizing over 2000 studio-style workouts and guided meditations available through Fitness+, Collections will offer users an innovative way to be inspired as they embark on their next exercise or meditation.

The six Collections that follow will be available from the time of launch:

  • 30-Day Core Challenge
  •  Enhance Your Posture by Pilates
  •  Perfect Your Yoga Balance Poses
  •  Run Your First 5K
  •  Strengthen and Stretch Your Back and Hips
  •  Wind Down for a Better Bedtime

Time to Run

An audio-based running experience to increase runnier consistency. Effectively includes popular running routes in most renowned cities. Running is among the most sought-after activities which can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, with advantages such as improved cardiovascular fitness, better mood, or stress relief.

All users must have is the Apple Watch, AirPods, or any other Bluetooth-compatible headphones. Time to Run can be played indoors or out on a treadmill. 

Time to Walk

Fitness+ has launched the third season of Time to Walk starting on January 10, where a motivational audio experience will be available on the Apple Watch.
It is designed to inspire users to be active and encourage them to walk more often, forming a habit. A habit of walking.
This influential audio includes the voices of some popular and fascinating people who share their personal experiences, pictures, and music with the Fitness+ users.
Most recently, His Royal Highness Prince William concluded the second season by speaking about how important it is to stay physically fit.

Artist Spotlight

The popular Artist Spotlight series with new workouts will feature songs from famous Artists like Ed Sheeran, Shakira, Pharrell Williams, and the Beatles.
The series will dedicate the entire playlist for workouts to a specific artist. Every Monday for the next four weeks, workouts that feature songs by the artists will be added to the program in various modes.
The workouts include Cycling, Dance, HIIT, Strength treadmills, and Yoga.

Pricing and Availability

Fitness+ is a monthly subscription service at $9.99 (US) per month or $79.99 (US) for the year.

Fitness+ is part of the Apple One Premier plan that, when available, allows users to access Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and iCloud+ with 2TB of storage for $29.95 (US) per month. It can also be shared between the six members of the family.

The Fitness+ program is offered across Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, the UAE, and the UK, along with the US.


1. What does Apple Fitness+ provide?

Apple Fitness+ provides a comprehensive fitness experience that includes workout videos across various categories such as HIIT, yoga, strength training, cycling, and more. It offers personalized recommendations, real-time metrics, and integration with Apple Watch for tracking your progress.

2. How does Apple Watch determine Fitness goals?

Apple Watch determines fitness goals based on your personal information, activity level, and the desired outcome you set. It takes into account factors like age, weight, height, and exercise history to provide customized goals that are challenging yet achievable.

3. Who are the new trainers at Apple Fitness?

The new trainers at Apple Fitness are a diverse group of experienced fitness professionals who guide users through workouts in different disciplines. They bring their expertise and unique training styles to create engaging and effective workout experiences.

4. How does Apple Fitness Challenge work?

Apple Fitness Challenge is a feature that allows users to participate in time-limited fitness challenges. These challenges can completed individually or with friends, and they aim to motivate users to achieve specific fitness milestones by providing guidance, tracking progress, and offering rewards.

5. Does Apple Fitness adjust your goals?

Yes, Apple Fitness can adjust your goals based on your progress and performance. As you consistently complete workouts and meet your targets, the app may suggest increasing the intensity or duration of your exercises to keep pushing your limits and promoting further improvement.

6. How do I increase my Apple Fitness goals?

To increase your Apple Fitness goals, you can manually adjust them within the Fitness app on your Apple Watch or iPhone. Simply go to the Fitness app, select the specific goal you want to increase (such as calories burned or exercise minutes), and modify it according to your desired level of challenge.


In conclusion, Apple Fitness+ has revolutionized the fitness industry by introducing innovative methods that inspire individuals to achieve their goals. Through its diverse range of workouts, personalized recommendations, and seamless integration with Apple devices, Fitness+ has successfully motivated people to prioritize their health and well-being. By combining cutting-edge technology with expert guidance, Apple Fitness+ has empowered users to push their limits, stay motivated, and ultimately achieve their fitness aspirations. With its ongoing commitment to innovation, it is clear that Apple Fitness+ will continue to inspire and transform the way people approach their fitness journeys in the years to come.

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