AI revolution

How is Artificial Intelligence Bringing Revolution to the Tech Market?


Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and we perform the majority of tasks like ordering food and taxi directly through smartphone apps. The tech market is continuously exploring new ways to bring trending features to mobile apps with increased usage. Whether it is replying to messages on the go or chatting with chatbots to solve users’ queries, Artificial intelligence brings digital advancements to the apps. The advancement in apps through artificial intelligence makes apps more powerful than before, bringing the digital revolution. Let us take a look over the stats involved with the world of Artificial intelligence.

  • Accenture quoted that Artificial intelligence will increase business productivity by 40%. By 2035, the growth rate will double.
  • MIT Sloan Management review posted that companies with more than 100,000 will implement AI-related strategies as a priority.
  • Nearly 50% of the organizations working in the tech industry are actively defining AI strategies.
  • Nearly 45% of the customers have recommended the positive impacts of AI in improving their lives.
  • The majority of the users use voice assistants powered by AI on their mobiles.
  • Netflix reported that it had saved $1 billion through machine learning.

Now that you have seen the powerful statistics in the Artificial intelligence sector, it is important to know how it is massively transforming the tech world’s user experience.

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How is AI contributing heavily to the tech market?

Artificial intelligence is significantly bringing revolution to the tech market. With the powerful AI in the tech market, devices are able to learn user behavior and perform tasks in advance for them. Artificial intelligence is dominating the market and has contributed to security, recommendations, chatbots, finance, and a number of domains. Let us see in detail how AI adds value to mobile apps and the overall tech market.

Powerful security in the apps

When we use AI-powered apps, no real human is monitoring your authentication. The complete process is so smooth without delay just because of its artificial intelligence. Mobile apps need to defend against cyber hackers continuously looking to steal important information from users. With artificial intelligence, mobile apps read suspicious activities on a user’s profile and create alerts. This advantage of AI is one of the vital elements in transforming the tech market in terms of security without the need for a real human.

Automated suggestions for messages

We are actively using our smartphones to communicate with people worldwide. However, it takes time to reply to people and send it. But, artificial intelligence is ready to reduce the time you require in creating regular messages. The AI reads the messages for you and suggests several replies for particular messages. A great example of this is LinkedIn. LinkedIn suggests relevant messages that a user can send directly with just a tap on every message. AI significantly reduces our typing efforts and saves time to type regular messages. Users can directly reply from the notification panel.

Real-Time captions and translation

Smartphones are very smart with Artificial intelligence. Apps use automated translators to translate content into the language preferred by a user. Further, Artificial intelligence is too powerful that it can produce live captions. For example, google pixel devices have an option for live captions where users can see live captions wherever any audio is played. The captions are very accurate, showing a brilliant work of artificial intelligence.

Robust searches through AI

In 2022, apps are too smart to understand the objects in videos and images. A great example of enhanced searching in Google photos. The app is filled with artificial intelligence and can deliver searches based on things. When you want a picture of your bottle in 2000 pictures, you can simply type bottle, and the app will search images with a bottle. The power of Artificial intelligence is delivering better search results and bringing a revolution in the modern world where users can search for anything. The search provider will deliver something relevant.

Relevant recommendations

Mobile apps engage their customers to the fullest by showing them relevant content. It is the work of artificial intelligence where users will keep seeing suggested content according to their interests. A great example of the same is youtube, where if a user watches a video of animals, artificial intelligence will fill the following videos with animal videos.

AI-powered chatbots

Chatbots are one of the latest trending things in the IT world. The majority of the brands are working on their chatbots system by implementing top-notch Artificial intelligence. Chatbots help companies optimize their customer support services and reduce human efforts. You can view chatbots in the majority of the smartphone apps suggesting solutions for your query. When you make a query, the chatbots intelligently read the database and deliver the best solution for your question. It reduces the efforts of customer service.

Finance assistance

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the majority of the industries. It shows great potential in the finance industry since it can provide a top-notch value to customers by helping them with financial decisions. For example, the apps can learn the transaction activity of users. It can understand the bills paid by the users and prompt them on the next date. In trading, AI can determine the market and prepare an analysis for you so that users can make investment decisions.

Final Verdict

Smartphones are implementing high-quality artificial intelligence to provide the best experience to the customers. . They regularly make their chatbots and search methods intelligent to provide top-notch service to their customers. Artificial intelligence is no doubt transforming the tech market with its computing capabilities. Entrepreneurs with app ideas make AI a necessary element in their mobile apps to align with the tech market. But, it is also important that entrepreneurs choose a top mobile app development company to deliver robust artificial intelligence and build intelligent apps.