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10 Bad Shampoo Brands You Should Avoid If You really Care About Your Hair



In this article, I’ll discuss the top 10 Bad Shampoo Brands You Should Avoid around the globe. For the majority of us, selecting a great shampoo brand is a breeze since we are always looking for the big brands that will make our hair appear more attractive and smell good.

To have long and silky hair is everyone’s dream and ask, isn’t it? We believe that’s why every time we see an advertisement for shampoo on TV and we go to stores online to purchase the shampoo in hopes of getting that stunning hairstyle the actress in the commercial was sporting.

The most important thing you should know is that you should not get fooled by visually attractive ads. They are completely false as the main purpose behind the advertisements is to persuade customers to purchase the product.

A shampoo that isn’t good for you isn’t something you can rely on to make your hair appear smooth, shiny and healthy. It’s a personal-care product that has been proved to be ineffective in providing moisture to hair and healing damaged hair. Although this isn’t the case for every brand, there are some shampoos that cause more harm than good.

Truth about the shampoo we use

Have you ever considered the ingredients in the shampoo you love? You may not know the names of these ingredients, however they could cause severe damage on your hair.

Shampoos out of all FMCG products, are among the most sought-after personal care category. Many people pay an enormous amount of money buying their favourite brands, believing that they will improve their hair’s appearance and feel more comfortable. However, they discover, certain shampoos contain harmful chemicals like Sodium Laureth Sulfate which can harm your hair.

Harmful Ingredients In Shampoos That You Should be Aware of.

The sodium lauryl Sulphate (SLS) along with sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). These substances are well-known to cause redness, irritation as well as scalp itching. They also can cause loss of hair. 

Beware of parabens. Parabens could cause a myriad of hair problems such as dryness, irritation to your scalp, diminishing the color of your hair, and can cause loss of hair. Paraben is linked to hair loss since they can be absorbed easily through your skin and can cause damage to the scalp.

Sulphate and paraben free are not the only thing we know to be avoided when buying shampoo.

There are other ingredients that are harmful too that must be avoided because of the harm they can cause.

Polyethylene glycol is a product of petroleum and is used in products for hair care to act as a thickening agent.PEG may have a negative impact upon your hair.PEGs are identified by numbers such as 100,120 14M 30 32 40, 75, and so on.

Phthalates are commonly used in products for hair care to improve the spreadability of a product, and also enhance the perfume’s stickiness.They are endocrine disruptors which means they can trigger the girls to go through puberty early and lower the number of sperm in males. They also pose a risk for the environment.

Thinking about a glamorous Brazilian blowout or a keratin treatment instead of straight locks? Do not be frightened. These treatments could contain a chemical called formaldehyde , or formaldehyde releasers which can cause cancer. DMDM hydantoin is also a chemical that causes hair loss.

Be sure to purchase from companies that list their complete ingredient list on label or on their website. Sometimes, even plant-derived ingredients can trigger allergies in certain people. Check for possible allergens when buying shampoos. There are numerous shampoos that are available on the market which can harm hair. It is crucial to learn about these.

List of 10 worst Shampoo Brands that are bad for your hair

Therefore, we are presented with 10 shampoo brands believed to be some of the worst shampoo brands available.


Pantene is among the most well-known shampoo brands. It is easy to purchase since it’s available nearly everywhere.

People are buying it since they only see gorgeous ads on television. They aren’t aware that these models actually wear extensions and there’s an entire other reason why their hair is appearing so beautiful. Pantene has nothing to do with it.

Let’s be real here. When we buy shampoo, we seldom examine the ingredients. My friend this is the place we’re going wrong.

Pantene is a hefty amount of silicon and sulphate. Instead of moisturising the hair, it coats it with plastic or wax to make it appear shiny, smooth and soft.

This means that Pantene doesn’t do anything but harm hair which is an excellent reason to include it among our lists of 10 of the most harmful shampoo brands.

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Head & Shoulders

Let’s look at the second worst shampoo brand.

“Head & Shoulders”! Who isn’t familiar with the shampoo brand? It’s among the most well-known brands which claim to rid of the dandruff. But, that’s not the message you’ll get if you ask someone who’s tried this product.

Try it! Ask your friends if they’ve utilised Head and Shoulders or not. Be prepared for a constant rant.While this shampoo claims to eliminate dandruff problems, what it does is completely opposite, which is to make it more likely for you to get the number of dandruffs.

Even if you do not have any dandruff This shampoo is sure to result in lots of dandruff, so you’ll need to look for another anti-dandruff shampoo that can get rid of it.

Additionally, this shampoo contains numerous ingredients that can be detrimental to hair. This is another reason why it should be included on our list of the 10 worst sorry, but not terrible in fact, it’s one of the most harmful shampoo brands you’ll find.

Head and shoulders shampoo has sodium laureth sulfate in it, it can strip your hair and make it very dry.

Only if you wish for your hair to become rough and dry, you must purchase this shampoo. In other words, avoid it when you really love your hair.


Okay, the brand next to us is one of the most unpopular shampoo brands available. This brand of ladies and gentlemen can be described as “TRESemme.” It won’t be right to claim that TRESemme is now the most popular brand.

Many people make use of TRESemme because it will make their hair soft and silky and that’s exactly the thing everyone wants.

However, the most important issue in this case is the way it makes hair silky soft by coating the hair with silicone and plastics.

The question is can it actually heal hair’s internal damage and make it more soft? It’s pretty obvious and is an emphatic “NO”.

Another reason we picked the TRESemme brand as the worst is because TRESemme recently faced an action because a customer lost their hair after using a certain product from TRESemme.

The reasons that we have listed above are enough to include the brand in our top 10 list of the worst shampoo brands.


The next one we consider to be a real danger for hair’s health is Aussie. What was the first thing that came to mind when you first learned about Aussie? “The Miracle 3-minute treatment” Isn’t that right?

This method developed by Aussie is very well-known to hair-care enthusiasts due to the fact that it makes hair soft fast.

But, this softness isn’t real since it is made up of silicon in a large amount. It is a buildup on hair to the point that you’ll be able to smell it in your hair even though it’s not the day that you’ve taken care of your hair.

The next one we consider to be a real danger for hair’s health is Aussie. “The Miracle 3-minute treatment” isn’t it?

This method developed by an Aussie is very well-known to hair care experts because it softens the hair fast.

But, this appearance of softness isn’t true because it’s made of silicon in large amounts. It clings to the hair to the point that you’ll be smelling it, regardless of the day you taken care of your hair.

Mane n Tail

Mane n’ Tail” does this name not sound familiar? Yes, it does. It’s the same shampoo that you may have used to groom your horses.

But wait! The article’s topic is most harmful shampoo brands in the case of Human hair, right? is that not the case? What exactly is a shampoo designed specifically for horses?

Relax! We’ve got the solution. This shampoo was originally developed for horses, however, out of nowhere, people began using this shampoo for the “Ever Flowing Manes”.

It’s literally one of the most insane things you’ve ever done. What is the best way to compare human hair to horses’ hair? We’re sure that horses would be comfortable without hair, but would you be fine with hair?

It’s not a joke! It’s not going to make your hair fall out immediately however it can make your hair dry and dry due to it containing a significant amount of keratin that can make the hair frizzy, and dry.

Why do you experiment with your hair using hair shampoos made from animals when you get a wide selection of high-quality shampoos on the market that are non-chemical and offer the desired outcomes. Does this sound reasonable and make sense?


Dove is among the most well-known brands of shampoo on the market, claiming to supply nourishment, but actually is a kind of torture and punishment which you’d give to your most hated enemy.

It also contains dangerous chemicals like parabens and silicons as well as Sulfates. If you use this shampoo it will leave you with plenty of hair buildup at the final, all you’ll be left with is frizzy, dry hair.

The only positive aspect of the dove is that it has a pleasant smell, and we’re certain that’s not the reason why you’d purchase dove shampoo.

Additionally, there are plenty of users who complain about their hair becoming extremely knotted after making use of it.

If you like to work for hours straightening your hair, you’ll find the hair shampoo you’ve been searching for.

Garnier Fructis

It is a fact that all of us have utilised this fruity shampoo at some time or another throughout our life. The first time we watched the advertisement on television we were all compelled to purchase the shampoo to have shiny and smooth hair.

The thing is certain, the majority of us will regret this choice later. Forget shiny hair. Who would like their hair to smell like fruits , even though it has such a strong scent? We’re pretty sure nobody has the same idea.

Garnier Fructis has SLS sulphates and Sodium Laureth Sulfate in it, which can harm hair and cause it to become dry and fragile. But, there are several other factors that have led people to dislike this particular brand.

This shampoo has an intense “artificial fruity smell”. The worst part is that after you’ve used this shampoo, it’ll give you a lifetime of benefits which is Dandruff.


Suave is the name of one of the biggest consumer goods firms around the world, Unilever. When you hear the name Suave the first thought that pops into your head could be Smooth and silky hair, isn’t it?

However, it’s true that this is not what you’ll receive after using it, and that’s the only thing we are able to assure you of. It will leave hair silky, glossy and silky, but only for a limited time. In the near future the hair you have will be just an “Haystack”, AND we are betting that this will happen.

It is awash with harmful ingredients including Sodium Laureth Sulfate, as well as DMDM Hydantoin. This shampoo can make your hair feel dry, frizzy and unpleasant. It’ll strip your hair’s natural oils.

If you’re unhappy with your hair and wish to rid it, go ahead and buy this shampoo right now. If not, you should stay away from this brand.


The third most shabby shampoo brand is Matrix. Although the Matrix is more expensive, we cannot compare quality and price. Matrix claims to reduce the amount of frizziness and give volume to hair.

One user claimed that it smells awful even though they claim it’s safe for colour treated hair, it removes the hair of its colour.

However even their claim of voluminous hair is not backed by sure results. Instead, you’ll be left with thinner as well as flat hair than before.

If this is the kind of thing you are looking for, then you must definitely purchase it.

Herbal Essence

The next shampoo we’ll talk about is last but certainly not the least, “The Herbal Essence.” We’re all aware that this brand claims to be 100% natural, but isn’t the case absolutely.

It’s real that it does not contain any parabens or sulphates similar to the other shampoos mentioned above. It does have a high concentration of carcinogenic chemicals that can be very damaging to hair.

Additionally, numerous users have complained that their hair is becoming dry and brittle after applying Herbal Essence shampoo.

A user has also stated that following the use of Herbal Essence, she started losing hair every time she washed her hair with the shampoo. This is the place to review our complete Herbal Essences Shampoo review.

The reasons given above are sufficient to make a brand one of the most harmful shampoo brands, since they are exactly the things we’d like to stay clear of and that’s why we should buy or switch shampoos at all. What do you think?

So now if you are wondering, all the popular and highly advertised brands are a complete no then which brands to choose when it comes to having strong, shiny, smooth, non-frizzy hair. Look no further.

Here we have shortlisted just 5 of the best shampoo brands according to specific hair treatment needs. Let us not wait but quickly review these 5 effective shampoo with their brands.

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Best shampoo for dandruff

Everyone hates flake. So you want to look for shampoo that not only removes dandruff but softens the scalp and is non-irritating. Use of Salicylic acid is the first preferred ingredient in the shampoo bottle when it comes to dandruff as it exfoliates the scalp gently to remove the white flakes and is smoothening too. 

Medicated shampoos include antifungals like ketoconazole, Pyrithione, Zinc etc to kill the fungus on the scalp causing the flakes. These flakes if seasonal is due to dryness of scalp and if long term can be due to fungus.


Oribe Serene Scalp Anti Dandruff Shampoo



  • Hair Type: Dry
  • Liquid Volume: 8.5 Fluid Ounces
  • Scent: Cote d’Azur

Do away with dandruff. This gentle treatment cleanser, formulated with salicylic acid, relieves and prevents dandruff while soothing dry, itchy, irritated scalp. The result: healthy, hydrated hair with no trace of flakes.

Best shampoo for oily hair

The idea here is to target the sebaceous glands that cause accumulation of sebum resulting in oiliness. Sebum is nothing but bogy’s natural oil.

Ingredients like Lactic Acid which is alpha-hydroxy acid can help here. It dissolves dead scalp skin and removes any re-generation. This retains hair hydration and moisture and keeps hair healthy.


Dae Shampoo Gently Cleanses and Hydrate Travel Size 3 oz



  • Hair Type: Wavy, Color Treated, Curly, Fine, Straight
  • Liquid Volume: 3 Fluid Ounces
  • Age Range: Adult

A desert-derived liquid formula. Hydrates scalp and hair and strengthens hair strands. Cleanses and detoxifies hair and scalp without stripping hair of natural oils.

Best shampoo for thin hair

Thin hair is classified as hair with less diameter to that of a normal or coarser hair strand.

All you need here is a densifying shampoo that plumps hair strands with hyaluronic acid and increases hair diameter through hydration. Caffeine promotes hair growth by strengthening hair growth. Even ingredients like pumpkin seeds, green tea, rosemary, hibiscus  assists in stimulation of hair growth.


Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Clinica Shampoo



  • Hair Type: Thin
  • Liquid Volume: 4.2 Fluid Ounces
  • Brand: Alterna Haircare

A daily leave-in scalp treatment for fine, thinning, fragile hair. Infused with our signature Red Clover Densifying Complex, this spray is designed to give the appearance of fuller hair.

Best shampoo for curly hair

Curly hair is usually drier compared to straight hair as oils can not easily travel through the strand resulting in dry and brittle hair.

The critical need is moisture to the curls that will add softness, bounce and define the shape of the curls. A amino-acid rich, sulphate free shampoo will work best as it will not devoid hair of its essential oil and will repair the cuticle damage. 


AG Hair CURL FRESH shampoo



  • Liquid Volume: 12 Fluid Ounces
  • Scent: Fresh
  • Item Weight: 0.88 Pounds

Over 98% plant-based and naturally-derived, pea peptide, vegan keratin and rice amino acids add strength and natural extracts bring essential moisture, helping to seal the cuticle and define each curl.

Best shampoo for dry hair

Look out all the ingredients on the shampoo bottle for plant oils, coconut oil, tea tree oil, salicylic acid, apple cider vinegar, seed oils and other oils. Basically we need something that locks hydration, provides nourishment to the scalp and provides shine.


Acure Ultra Hydrating Shampoo



  • Hair Type: Normal
  • Scent: Argan Oil & Pumpkin
  • Liquid Volume: 354 Milliliters

ACURE Ultra Hydrating Shampoo | 100% Vegan | Performance Driven Hair Care | Argan & Pumpkin – Ultra Hydrating Moisture & Omega Fatty Acids | 8 Fl oz

How often do you need to shampoo your hair?

I’ve been trying to find the proper amount of times I should take my shampoo. I did some investigation and discovered the solution.

The average head of a human has 100,000 hairs. It is estimated that you lose around 100 per day, meaning that the hair you lose is replenished by your body. This is an excellent option to maintain your hairstyle looking attractive.

But, just like any other area of your body, washing your hair may be harmful to your hair. This is why you must be aware of the frequency at which you must wash your hair if you wish to safeguard its health and seem healthier and longer-lasting.

Everyone is aware that it’s crucial to wash your hair with shampoo at least three times each week. Did you know the inability to wash your hair regularly could be just as damaging as excessively washing it?

Everyone is aware that it’s crucial to wash your hair with shampoo at least three times each week. Did you know the inability to wash your hair regularly could be just as damaging as excessively washing it?

In excess, washing your hair strips away the natural oils and the moisture that are needed for healthy hair. Also, it leaves your hair looking dull and uninteresting. For example, if you live in an area with high humidity excessive washing can make your hair frizzy and limp due to the fact that humidity isn’t given the chance for your hair to appear naturally shiny.

You should wash your hair 2 to 3 times in a week with a good brand Shampoo. The rest of the days if need be, just rinse the hair with water and you are fine. 

Both hydrophilic and hydrophobic chemical compounds are present in shampoo. The shampoo can cause build-up and hair-like flakes that resemble dandruff when put in hair too much. It takes anywhere from one to three minutes to massage the hair. Then, you need to thoroughly wash it off of your hair.

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Does Shampooing Cause Dandruff?

Dandruff is a typical scalp disorder that can cause white, flaky and scaly skin that covers the head. This can make hair appear thin and dirty.

Dandruff can be a problem for anyone, but it is more prevalent among those who have dry or oily hair. The majority of the time the reason for dandruff is an overgrowth of a fungus called malassezia, which is a scalp fungus.

Many people do not realize that there are many things that could cause dandruff, other than dried skin, fungus and dry skin.

While it might sound unsanitary In fact, shampooing too often might be the root of the appearance of dandruff.”When you don’t wash your hair enough, oil builds up and accumulates on your skin, which can lead to dandruff. A reaction to your products for your hair can cause dandruff. It’s a fact.

Can Shampoo be used as a body wash?

Shampoo doesn’t provide the same cleansing properties like bathing soap. The shampoo is soap that is designed to wash dirt and oil from hair. Body wash has been specifically designed to cleanse the skin and eliminate oil.

If you decide that applying shampoo as an alternative to body wash will suit your needs, it can do the same job. Make sure you only use it on areas of your body which are oily or dirty (like your arms, legs and feet) because applying it to your neck and face will dry those areas out.

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Shampoo that isn’t properly used can make your hair dry, brittle and dull. We’ve provided 10 shampoo brands that can be harmful for your hair , so that you are able to stay clear of them at all cost! This is because we compiled this list on the basis of our experiences working in the field of beauty and what we believe to be accurate. We’ve listed some shampoos that could cause damage to your hair. If you’re trying to safeguard your hair and only use top quality products, make sure you avoid these brands. Our site has many great ways to take care of your hair!

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