Best Caravan Aerials

4 Best Caravan Aerials in 2024 with Buyers Guide


A caravan aerial is a device that is used for receiving television or radio signals. It usually consists of an antenna mounted on top of a mast which can be raised and lowered, and sometimes rotated to improve reception. Best Caravan Aerial is not only popular with homes but also with schools, churches, hospitals, and other public buildings as well.

In this article, we will discuss the Best Caravan Aerial so you can make the right purchase decision for your needs! If you want to watch television while on the road, investing in a caravan aerial is worthwhile. They come in various shapes and sizes and depend on which one you buy they are still worth their weight for those who use them often.

Since caravans are mostly permanent fixtures, their aerials come with a signal booster pre-installed. This can help you get a better reception even in less than ideal areas. You won’t have to hassle with setting up the aerial yourself or store it when packing away!

What is Caravan Aerial?

A caravan aerial is a device that is used for receiving television or radio signals. Best Caravan Aerial is not only popular with homes but also with schools, churches, hospitals, and other public buildings as well.

List of Best Caravan Aerials:

1. Vision Plus Status 355

The Vision Plus Status 355 is the latest aerial from the world-renowned Vision Plus. The Omni-Directional 355 receives TV signals through 360 degrees using an electronic amplifier to boost signals. Designed for Digital Television as well in FM and DAB, this sleek-looking design looks great with any décor.

Designed for Digital Television as well in FM and DAB, the newest stylish addition to our range of innovative products is sure not just to live up to your expectations but exceed them when you experience its performance first hand.

With a built-in sounder receiver that flashes messages, you could never miss important information such as school closing alerts or power cuts due to overloads! Making use of advanced technologies that will allow you continuous enjoyment wherever watching, all while tweaking.

The Vision Plus Status 355 antenna has a dome-shaped design with 360 degrees horizontal and vertical reception for fast, clear digital TV signal. The integrated coaxial cable is 5m long giving you the flexibility to move the unit around your home.

Tired of losing your favorite shows because of poor TV reception? Get an Omni-Directional antenna today and ditch those frustrating rabbit ears.

2. Vision Plus Status 570

The Vision Plus Status 570 is a TV signal detection device with many features to simplify the search process. It uses a unique integrated transmitter locator to narrow down the number of possible locations where the signal could be found.

In addition, it has horizontal and vertical polarisation indicators that can be used to determine which antenna orientation will give optimal coverage for TV reception giving you an all-in-one locate the device.

The Vision Plus Status 570 offers clean lines and a slim compact design at just 6.75kg for outdoor TV with excellent reception for Digital, DAB, and FM radio across Great Britain.

Helping you to find your perfect TV location the Weatherproof Triple Protection Coatings of the chassis help ensure this will be an attractive addition to your garden space year-round without compromising sound or vision quality thanks to its Low Profile Roof Assembly and 330mm mast.

Bluetooth connectivity provides additional flexibility as it allows consumers to make mobile calls vertically while watching their box as well as sharing personal content with friends and family wirelessly via Chromecast enabled apps such New FTV, Plex Pass, Vimeo.

This light analyzer is designed for professionals in a variety of industries, from construction to electrical work. The intuitive design with red, yellow, and green colors will quickly come in handy when troubleshooting power sources.

3. Vision Plus Status 580

Designed for peak performance, the Vision Plus Status 580 is a revolutionary antenna that offers superior signal quality with fewer picture break up and audio dropouts. The 4G LTE protection from mobile phone interference barrier gives you peace of mind to stay connected in all conditions.

It results in next to nil interruption during periods when there are no bars available as well as improved battery life on your device – perfect for anyone who likes their mobiles more than TVs

There is also the added convenience of horizontal & vertical polarisation indicators on the mast so you know what direction we’ll need to aim towards. If it sounds like this antenna has everything-well it does.

The Vision Plus Status 580 is a sleek and sturdy two-person aluminum-framed tent with strong poles and a waterproof groundsheet for creating home comforts when you’re camping.

Pull the flysheet over to reveal the fresh interior with windows that let natural light in. There’s room enough for everything – cooking space, living area, and storage pockets to keep your things as tidy as possible while you explore the great outdoors.

The Vision Plus Status 580 Signal Booster is built for people who have weak or unreliable cell phone signals in their homes and produces strong 2 to 5 bar signal strength. With this powerful booster, you’ll be free from the frustrations of dropped calls and long waiting times with friends.

The kit includes a protective carrying bag for all your equipment and cables which can easily fit inconspicuously under an armchair or tabletop – no one will know it’s there! Better yet, it gives you super-fast speeds on Wi-Fi connections as well.


  • We offer a 3 year warranty
  • Our antennas are 420 mm shorter than other brands and therefore can be mounted virtually anywhere
  • Digital TV, DAB and FM Reception
  • With the VP5 Signal Booster you will receive stronger reception in your RV or boat

4. Maxview B2414 UHF Aerial

The Maxview B2414 UHF Aerial delivers excellent reception in a compact and durable unit. The system features 14 high performance including ultra directional elements for maximum gain and transmission of wideband digital DVB-T2UHDTV services with its 5GHz band digital terrestrial TV inputs.

These are all packaged together to make your campervan or motorhome experience complete- the perfect addition after you’ve introduced yourself to nature’s little creatures.

Protect your home by ensuring a great antenna signal near to you with the Gazelle Omnidirectional UHF aerial. The aerodynamic styling ensures that this antenna will stand strong for years, resisting any effects of weather and handling very well. This is also perfect for your caravan or motorhome where space may be limited.

Outdoor TV has never been more popular. You can see what all your friends are up to, and keep up with sporting events from season to season. One of the best ways to ensure that you get a great-looking signal is by mounting an antenna on your roof or a spire nearby.

Things like trees (that block signals) or masts can interfere with aerials. High buildings amplify radio waves so that if you’re near one they will be very strong – but only at the expense of other frequencies which might not reach as far, for instance, AM Radio will struggle if it’s next door to FM because it’ll be much stronger nearby too.


  • Ensure you can stay connected to the outside world whilst on your trip by installing an aerial
  • Connect with all of your family and friends while out on the road
  • Get more access to entertainment such as TV channels, radio stations, and digital media platforms
  • Easily install in just a few minutes without any special tools or equipment needed
  • Committed to manufacturing quality products
  • Loyal to the UK market

How to install your Caravan Aerial:

Unscrew the aerial cable from the caravan and unscrew it into separate sections. Ensure you have all of these parts: mast clamp, top plate, and U bolt bolts with nuts.

Screw on a long nut to one end of your pole, then push this through the hole in your roof panel until it is flush against the side or middle section of the van wall.

At right angles place on your top plate over where you want to mount it (bottom left). Secure with screws using machine screwdriver/wrench. Repeat for another side if required.

Place mast inside center brace clamps at either end of the top plate so that they rest firmly against metal panels behind them while also being able to pivot up and down.

Tighten screws up and make sure that they’re not too tight so you don’t cause any damage but also ensure that they are snug enough around the mast clamp to keep the aerial secure.

Wind coaxial cable clockwise round top plate where screw slots can be found, taking care not to over tighten and crack insulation. Ensure there’s plenty spare at each end.

On most vans with metal roofs, we recommend using our Best Caravan Aerial which has an adjustable swivel head to allow for roof angles.

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Types of Aerials for Caravans:

The aerial for the caravan is an antique piece of equipment that has not changed much in years. The design and materials have been updated, but it still operates on a very basic principle: Standing waves.

There are two types of aerials used to receive television broadcasts; single and double tuned caravans. A Single Tuned Aerial will only pick up signals from one direction whereas a Double Tuned Aerial will also work with transmission coming from other directions as well and hence provide better reception than a Single Tuned Aerial.

Best Caravan Aerials use both UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency). Some TV antennae can be switched between these frequencies utilizing switches or filters which allow you to select the frequency you want to receive, so if there is a busy broadcast area where two stations are broadcasting on different frequencies then the Best Caravan Aerials will be able to pick up both.

If your caravan antenna works in one direction only and all of these channels are coming from that same direction the reception can be lost due to interference or physical obstruction such as dense trees.

In this case, an external aerial may help by providing a second point of the signal which can offset any losses caused by obstructions close to the Best Caravans Aerial. With some TV aerials, using more than one aerial has been shown to increase signals and improve reception when compared with just having one Best Caravan Aerial installed alone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I improve my TV signal in my caravan?

You’re much more likely to need an external antenna than some adjustments on the inside because most of the materials, like metal and glass, in your house, will reduce broadcast signal strength. Ideally, you’ll want a good outdoor TV antenna that has extension cables. Make sure it’s specifically suited for camping or RV’s if needed.

Which way do I point my caravan aerial?

Your caravan aerial should point in the right direction for the reception. However, picking the best direction for you will depend on which side of the road your house or apartment is located, and whether you are sat still or moving.


To make things easier, I gathered all the information about this topic in one place. Take a look at how you can get started with your own caravan aerial and find out more about what to do if you’re looking for an affordable model or want something high quality that will last. See below for our list of links on related topics.