Best smartwatch under 5000 in India


Smartwatches are now the most used tech that can be worn in India. Smartwatches blend the benefits as a health tracker along with the elegant look of a watch that makes purchasing one a simple decision. It’s a good thing that the market for smartwatches is brimming with options that are great in every price range you could imagine. However, finding a quality one could be difficult. To aid you we’ve compiled a list of the Best smartwatch under 5000 which you can buy online now.

Fire-Boltt Ring

Fire-Boltt is a brand new entry in the field of smart wearables but it has become a global sensation due to their top-quality items like this smartwatch. This Fir-Boltt Ring is an affordable smartwatch with an 1.7-inch HD display and full touch capabilities.

In terms of sensors, the company has left no stone unturned, and has equipped it with nearly every smartwatch feature you could imagine. This watch monitors the user’s pulse rate, sleeping, and SpO2 blood levels, and physical activity.

The Fire-Boltt is also equipped with an integrated speaker and microphone , which makes answering calls an easy task. It is possible to use this smartwatch to manage your music, track the weather, operate your smartphone’s camera , and make alarms without touching your phone.

It features a stunning, sleek design and a fully metal body that adds to its aesthetics and durability.

Realme Watches

There is no list of the Best smartwatch under 5000 in India is complete without mentioning the realme Watch S thanks to its excellent quality and low-cost pricing. The smartwatch from realme comes with an 1.3-inch full-screen LCD that has auto-brightness and more than 100 different watch faces to pick from.

With this watch it is possible to enjoy all of the controls for your camera and music on your wrist , by connected to your mobile using Bluetooth. It keeps track of all the physical activities you engage in (16 modes of sports) and also your heart rate in real-time sleep and SpO2 blood oxygen levels.

It also offers a full analysis of the realme Link app, which is available for download from the app store on your phone. The entire hardware runs on a lithium polymer battery, which according to realme, can last up to 15 days on two hours of charging using the charging base that comes magnetic inside.

The REALME Watch 2 Pro

If you’re a fan of fitness tracker and are seeking a low-cost method to keep track of all your workouts and sports it is recommended to take a look at this smartwatch. Realme Watch 2 Pro is a touchscreen smartwatch with more than 90 sports modes.

It sports a 1.75-inch high-gloss touchscreen and comes with more than 100 different watch faces which you can select according to your fashion and style. Dual satellite low-powered GPS includes GLONASS which can track your location far more precisely without consuming lots of energy.

It features a live heart rate monitor and SpO2 blood oxygen monitor as well as a sleep tracker. Realme comes with the battery which claims to provide power for 14 days without interruption and is easily charged via the magnetic charging case included by the smartwatch.

What makes it stand out from the the competitors is its capability to connect with smart AIoT devices. All you require is the watch and the realme Link app for your smartphone.

Noise Color-fit Ultra

Noise Color-Fit is a slim and light-weight smartwatch that has an 1.75-inch TrueView HD display. It is equipped with nearly every smartwatch sensor you can imagine such as a heart rate sensor, the SpO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen, and numerous others.

It comes with 60 different sports modes that monitor all of your fitness and sports activities without a problem. The battery inside can power all its sensors, hardware and software for approximately 9 days with a single charge. It has over 100 watch faces that ensure that you’re not stuck with only one face.

Not to mention, the last Noise ColorFit is made of Grade 6061 aluminum and has IP68 certification to ensure that it will withstand the rigors of daily usage without compromising. This robust equipment and features have earned it its place on several top Best smartwatch under 5000 in India lists that are available on the web.

NOISE Color-fit Pro 3

The noise smartwatches are so excellent that another model needed to be added to the list, and this time it’s the Noise ColorFit Pro 3. It is equipped with an 1.55-inch HD display with a resolution of 360×320 pixels and the highest luminosity of 500nits.

The affordable Smartwatch from Noise has watches that are cloud-based and can be customized according to your preference. It tracks your heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen levels of SpO2 throughout the day with the smart sensors that are present on it. It is equipped with 14 sport modes that recognize and track your sport precisely and provide you with precise results.

The manufacturer states that the battery inside can provide up to the equivalent of 10 days battery backup in normal usage , and four day battery back-up when under high use. Its ColorFit Pro 3 connects to your smartphone running Android or Apple through Bluetooth and offers an in-depth analysis of your data through the app called NoiseFit.