Best tablets for students

Best Tablets for Students in 2024


These tablets are ideal for students who want to get their studies moving for 2024. Remote working is becoming an integral part of student life. A tablet may be better than a laptop for some students.

Tablets are lighter, more portable, and easier to charge. No matter if you go for an Android, Windows, or iOS tablet, there are tons of apps to help you get started with your studies. A good tablet with a few apps can help you draw, write and edit.

Tablets were not powerful enough to support many students in the past. But that is long gone. The flagship tablets of Samsung and Apple offer computing power comparable to a laptop. You don’t have to buy the latest models. A tablet from a previous generation can sometimes provide all the power you require at a fraction of its cost.

We have included both brand-new and older tablets in our list of best tablets for students. They are all very affordable and offer great value. There are models to suit all budgets and all users. So whether you need a tablet that allows you to read documents and watch Netflix, or something more powerful enough for 4K video editing, there’s a model for you.

The top tablets for students in 2024

1. iPad Mini (6th Gen, 2021)

The iPad Mini was loved by us even before its September 2021 update. Now, this new version is firmly cemented as the best tablet available for students.

The tablet has had enough processing power to be able to handle any study or work tasks. Apple Pencil 2 compatibility allows for a lot of creativity. Although some may be frustrated that the tablet only has 4GB RAM, it is sufficient for most tasks.

It’s as beautiful as ever. The tablet is small and lightweight, weighing in at 300g. Although the display is slightly larger than the iPad Mini’s, the overall size is still smaller. It has a 3 to 2 aspect ratio and excellent color accuracy. It is comfortable to use for long periods of time because the brightness is very even.

2. iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)

Students don’t need a tablet that is small and portable, but they want the best computing power. The iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) is the tablet for you if your studies require a powerful tablet. The Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) is Apple’s flagship tablet. It features the M1 processor chip, which puts it on par with a Macbook. It can be combined with a keyboard or mouse to create a premium gaming laptop alternative that will last a long time.

With a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR displays are the best examples of their type available on tablets. It has a resolution of 2048×2732 and a resolution that is 2048×2732. The HDR display’s peak brightness is 1,600nits. It also has better local dimming control, making it more comfortable to view for longer periods of time. The darker areas will have more depth and nuance, which makes them more useful for video and photo editing.

As mentioned, the performance is blazing fast. Premium aluminum is used in the design of this tablet. The tablet also supports the Apple Pencil 2 stylus. This stylus is a favorite among artists and designers. Let’s have a look best smartwatch under 5000 for students.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Students will love the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, an Android tablet that offers premium features without the high price. This tablet is one of the most affordable on the list and it’s a less expensive version of the Galaxy Tab S6. However, that doesn’t mean Samsung has made too many compromises.

It offers great performance and is built to last. It’s an excellent student tablet because it doesn’t cost you all your student loans. It’s also lighter than other expensive and more flashy tablets.

It comes with a stylus, unlike many other tablets. The S-Pen is an excellent stylus. While it doesn’t have the same capabilities as some of the more expensive styluses, it’s still fine for note-taking and doodles. It’s also included in this package, which will save you a little bit of money.

4. Microsoft Surface Go 2

Although both the Apple App Store (and Google’s Play Store) offer a wide range of apps for Android tablets and iPads, they are not as versatile as Windows 10. Although the Microsoft Store is slower than Google and Apple in terms of apps, you can still download and install any app on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop.

You can now install Adobe Photoshop full-featured on your Windows 10 tablet, instead of relying on mobile apps for creative purposes, such as Photoshop Mobile. This makes Windows 10 tablets excellent student devices.

We choose the Surface Go 2 as our top choice for Windows tablets for students. It runs Windows 10 and has a sleek, lightweight design. Surface devices are stylish and premium. The Go line from Microsoft has those same qualities but at a lower price.

It’s not the fastest tablet, but it’s still affordable and a great option for students. The Type Cover protects the screen, making the Surface Go 2 a great Windows 10 laptop that is perfect for writing essays.