Borges Olive Oil

Borges Olive Oil Review To Find Out Is It A Scam or Not



Borges Olive Oil claims to be around over a long time and is considered to be the olive oil that started it all. However, is it really real? Are you sure? Borges Olive Oil, let us review now.


The origins of Borges dates back to the nineteenth century when in 1896 the Pont Creus family began a small business selling and buying almonds and olives in the regions in Lleida as well as Tarragona(Spain). In just a few years Borges olive oil had become recognized for its superior excellent quality and exceptional flavor.

This small-scale company has transformed into Borges Mediterranean Group, world leader in the world food industry for healthful and healthy food products.

After 125 years and faithful to the Mediterranean tradition, we are still committed to a healthy diet, to finding that perfect balance between health and innovation, taking our flavours to everywhere, wherever you may be. The olive oil is sourced from the highest quality olives that are harvested from the farms it own. The oil is manufactured in spain and is packed and distributed globally. It is produced and packaged in Spain. Virgin Olive Oil is primarily utilised in cooking with raw ingredients for salads and in dressings.

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Taste the sensation, feel, and smell

Borges offers a variety of olive oil-based products. We decided to try the Extra Virgin Olive Oil because it’s the one most requested by consumers.

The initial impression was a soft mixture of sharp, fruity and spicy flavours however it did have an astringent taste. The blend creates a mild flavour overall.

The olive oils they use are also vegan which means that if eating meat is an absolute no-no for you This is the one you’re seeking. It’s got a rich, fruity aroma that leaves a pleasant impression.

Extra virgin olive oil from Borges is made with care by the very first cold-press. Olive oils that are carefully picked are processed within a couple of hours after their harvest in order to preserve originality and freshness.

The colour of the bottle is tinted, making the bottle appear stunning. Overall, the experience is fantastic. The olive oil itself is perfect for use in everyday life.

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Use Food, Nutrition, and Health

Extra virgin olive oil from Borges can be used in dressings as well as cooking. We tested it with our salad dressings and it made the taste of the salad.

It’s great for cooking and frying due to its high smoke point. A delicious drizzle on bread can be a great addition to your cravings for food at any time.

Olive oil that is extra virgin is a great fuel source. Rich in calories, Borges extra-virgin olive oil contains 823 kcal of energy and the equivalent of 91g of fat per 100g of olive oil. 15g of saturated fat.

The higher nutritional content boosts cardiovascular health and lowers the possibility of getting sick. It also aids in weight loss as suggested by many medical doctors and nutritionists worldwide.

Borges is also certified as kosher and is GMO-free. The EVOO reduces blood pressure as well as boosting cholesterol levels in the blood. Due to the vitamins and antioxidants it aids in hair and skin growth.

Overall, it’s a great product to use for daily use.


  • Has decent flavor and smell
  • Good packaging
  • Vegetarian

Customer reviews

Borges is a Spanish Evoo with an intense flavor, however it is not that expensive with a heavy, strong taste. It’s great with Mediterranean dishes! It’s more expensive from Amazon than Kroger but I’ve found no equivalent with other brands.

The Tasting Note: It tastes similar to authentic olives. It leaves you with a slight peppery taste in your mouth.

Don’t be concerned about this as it’s just how olive oil that is extra virgin ought to feel. The burning sensation that is mild is a way of telling you that you’ve come across the best olive oil.

Note: In order to retain all the nutrients and benefits of olive oil, do not burn it. Make use of it to cook quickly or Indian Tadka, where temperatures don’t exceed its smoking point in olive oil. This also burns off the vital nutrients that you wanted to obtain in the first place.

Very grateful for the product. Very well packed in an order that makes the customer completely satisfied. It’s glass, but the packaging was very well-cared for and the flavor is nice, it’s like an original. Thank you for this brand and sure, it’s worth the money and satisfied with the products


I’ve used Borges EVOO (250 millilitres) in salads, and stir-frying over the last couple of months, following the switch from other brands. I was somewhat hesitant about purchasing oil on the internet due to some negative reviews. Because it wasn’t local this time I was forced to purchase and was totally happy. I am assuming that the larger bottles may be plastic bottles. It’s a lovely plastic bottle (250ml) with a tiny dispenser made of plastic at the bottle’s opening, which reduces how much oil is released. Good stuff.

Where can I buy Borges Olive from?


Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ML



  • Type:</100% Extra Virgin olive oil
  • Certified: Halal & Kosher
  • Liquid Volume: 250 Milliliters

Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil use the olives from olive groves of Catalonia that cloak the gentle hills of North Eastern Spain 100 km. inland from Barcelona.


At the price they’re selling their original extra virgin olive oil we would say it’s a good deal to take.

There are many rivals on the market However, Borges still manages to draw the attention of consumers from around the world. I hope that you find this Borges Olive Oil review to be informative and helpful.