How to Create a Website Similar to Fiverr

How to Create a Website Similar to Fiverr


Fiverr is a well-known freelance marketplace website. It links businesses all around the world with outstanding freelancing professionals. The platform is a forerunner in the future of work. By 2020, Fiverr has connected over 3.4 million buyers with freelancers in over 160 countries.

Fiverr is a public corporation worth $7.5 billion as of the summer of 2021. Since its inception in 2010 in Israel by Micha Kauffman and Shai Wininger, the platform has grown rapidly. Fiverr now provides digital services in over 500 skills in eight categories.

As the shift toward remote work has increased, micro-job platforms such as Fiverr have grown in popularity. Businesses of all sizes are looking for adaptable solutions that enable them to connect with high-quality freelance talent. Fiverr’s income has nearly doubled in the last year.

There has never been a better time to start a Fiverr clone. This post will show you how to start your own Fiverr-style marketplace business.

Let’s get started.

How does a website like Fiverr work?

Fiverr is a two-sided internet marketplace where users can buy and offer professional services. The platform began by selling $5 translation and logo design services and has now expanded to offer hundreds of services at various costs.

Freelancers construct their own profiles and “gigs” on the platform. Each “gig” is a freelancer’s project, such as generating a short animated video. These “gigs” explain the freelancers’ talents and experience while also outlining the jobs that are accessible at various price points.

Clients look for “gigs” and freelancers who match their requirements and then pay in advance. Funds are held in escrow until the project is completed successfully.

Freelancers gain access to a big consumer base, the freedom to work on their own schedule, and the possibility to earn money on the Fiverr network. For buyers, Fiverr provides a quick and inexpensive option to outsource work to a varied talent pool without sacrificing quality.

How to Create a Successful Fiverr Alternative?

Fiverr has built up a large market share. It has been successful in establishing distinct points of differentiation from its main competitors. The marketplace has prospered since its inception because of its enormous community of vendors who can deliver low-cost work.

There are several more successful freelancer marketplace organizations that provide comparable but distinct services to Fiverr. Keep in mind the points of differentiation that Fiverr’s competitors have built as you examine your own Fiverr-like marketplace idea:

Reputable clients: Upwork

One of Fiverr’s main rivals is Upwork. In contrast to Fiverr’s concentration on short-term “gigs,” they are more interested in long-term relationships and substantial projects.

In Upwork’s marketplace, sellers apply for tasks that are posted by buyers. This allows clients greater control over the parameters of their projects and the capacity to forge lasting bonds with independent contractors. Freelancers might look for exciting jobs and develop a steady, dependable long-term clientele.

Quality independent contractors: Toptal

Toptal is in many ways the antithesis of Fiverr. Whereas Toptal links businesses with a limited pool of high-quality freelancers at a high cost, Fiverr connects businesses with a wide range of freelancers at low cost. To connect with qualified freelancers, clients work with Toptal professionals.

Toptal claims to only feature the best 3% of freelancing talent on their platform and thoroughly screens applicants before allowing them to join. Toptal freelancers frequently brag of having worked for prestigious firms and possessing in-demand abilities like product management and software development.

Low cost: Truelancer 

Fiverr began with $5 gigs, but as the company grew, prices increased for the same services. Platforms like Truelancer have come in to close the gap by linking businesses with independent contractors from nations with cheap costs of living.

Cost-effective: Outsource

Outsourcely solely charges fees to purchasers and allows freelancers to keep all of their earnings. Because of this, the platform is appealing to independent contractors who want to increase their income.

Important criteria for a microjobs marketplace like Fiverr

It is challenging to create a website like Fiverr. Without establishing a seamless user experience that provides users with all of the necessary features, it is impossible to carve out a niche for your marketplace in the face of intense competition.

There’s a good chance that many of the customers on your Fiverr-like marketplace will be well-known corporations. This adds another level of complexity because many organizations have certain rules for signing contracts, disclosing confidential information, and processing payments. Building trust on your platform between buyers and vendors is also essential.

You may overcome these difficulties and better serve your customers by specializing in a narrow specialty. But fundamentally, the majority of websites that are similar to Fiverr always have the same qualities.

This is encouraging news for ambitious online business owners!

Even the most fundamental functions had to be created from scratch when Fiverr originally launched. It would take months to complete such a work. Nowadays, there are numerous other shortcuts that might drastically reduce that time. We’ll briefly go over the fundamental components of websites like Fiverr before contrasting a few alternative choices.

Important Characteristics of Micro-Job Marketplaces Similar to Fiverr

Microjobs markets generally fall into one of two categories:

  • Traditional online markets, such as Fiverr, where merchants list jobs and customers contact them.
  • Reverse online markets, such as Upwork, where buyers post job descriptions and vendors respond.

The kind you select will significantly affect the features your work platform must have. Let’s take a closer look at the fundamental components that make up a marketplace user experience similar to Fiverr’s.

Profiles of buyers and sellers

To build confidence between parties, both buyers and freelancers should have individual profiles. A name, a photo, and a location should all be given on every profile page. In addition to a list of abilities, a description of services, and client testimonials, freelancer profiles ought to include these elements.

Pages listing

A digital shop for freelancers to advertise their services and projects are listing pages. On these pages, freelancers should be able to incorporate text, pictures, videos, and client testimonials.

Search and navigation on a website

The website must be simple to use for potential customers to find the freelancers who provide the services they need. The two primary methods for doing this are website navigation and search. You need both on your marketplace website.

Online transactions

On your marketplace, buyers and freelancers must be able to conduct transactions safely. This is considerably trickier than it appears to be. Actually, of all online businesses, marketplace websites’ payment processes are among the most intricate.

Marketplaces like Fiverr often charge clients up front, collect a commission, and then hold the money in escrow until the job is finished and the freelancer is paid.

However, no payment shall be processed through the marketplace owner’s bank account. Otherwise, regulators can decide that your marketplace is using the money from sellers as a bank, subjecting you to onerous banking requirements.

Working with online marketplace payment providers who have the resources to manage online payments makes sense given the complexities of processing online payments. It is also simple to handle integrations with third-party payment providers when utilizing software like this.


Reviews help users of your site to trust one another. Buyers are more likely to trust a freelancer whose work has received more ratings, making them more successful overall. Reviews frequently include a rating and comments from past customers.

Tools for communication

On these sites, a lot of the projects are fairly collaborative in nature. It’s crucial that buyers and sellers can communicate with one another via your platform, share files, and even hold online meetings.

When developing your communication tools, take platform leakage—when buyers and sellers move transactions off your marketplace platform—into account.

Organize the services provided under headings like “marketing” or “web development” for easy website navigation. For broad categories, take into account creating subcategories.

Users can easily find freelancers that are completely qualified to work on their project using a search option. Building your own search engine is obviously very difficult, so think about utilizing a website builder like Fiverr that has a built-in search feature.

Admin functions

Tools are necessary for both customers and sellers to manage their presence on the site

The ability to handle billing options, access to contracts, and a portal where they can access bills from independent contractors are all requirements for buyers.

On the seller’s end, independent contractors want tools to understand how to optimize the performance of their listings, the capacity to modify price, and reports to track their revenues.

Regardless of the market they serve, these are some of the elements that practically any website like Fiverr will always require. This is encouraging for those who want to launch online markets! 


It’s not difficult to create a platform for micro jobs that is successful, like Fiverr. In fact, you don’t even need to write a line of code to launch your marketplace right now.

There has never been a better time in history to develop a micro jobs marketplace than it is right now. As a result of cutting-edge marketplace builder technology, anyone can start creating the next Fiverr right now. Demand is increasing across a wide range of industries.