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The 14 Fake Olive Oil Brands Are Revealed


Like all products it is possible for counterfeiters to earn money with fake olive oil. How can you tell whether your extra virgin olive oil is fake? It could be as easy as reading the label however some companies deliberately mislabel their products in order to create the appearance of being superior or more authentic.

There are fourteen olive oil brands offered in the U.S which have been proven to be fake, contaminated using cheaper ingredients like sunflower seed and soybean oil, or have none at all!

Before we discuss the brands of olive oil to avoid, first learn about the terms such as olive oil virgin olive oil EVOO, as well as the various types of olive oil.

Olive Oil is processed and refined. Virgin Olive Oil isn’t refined and is not filtered. EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)is also not refined and is not as filtered.

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

  • Extra virgin olive oil is a good grade olive oil that is extracted from high quality olives. In reality, it’s the juice of an olive that is fresh.
  • EVOO is extremely delicate and light tasting. It is a bit sweet with a taste and a fruity smell that reminds you of olives with green colour.
  • It has an almost sweet nuttiness and a fruity scent reminiscent of green olives It also has a natural olive taste and is suitable for cooking Its color is oil greenish-yellow or golden green, depending on the type of olive and the growth environment
  • It also has a distinct olive flavour, and is perfect to cook with.
  • Its colour is oil yellowish-green as well as golden, based on the kind of olive used and the growing environmental conditions.
  • It has a fresh scent that is fruity and is tasty and enjoyable.

How can I tell the difference between extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oils?

The main difference between extra-virgin olive oil lies in how much processing is involved. The olive oil that has been least processed can be described as extra-virgin olive oil. Therefore, it is cold-pressed which means that it’s not processed using heat and chemicals. It is a rich source of antioxidants because olive oil contains a large amount of polyphenols. It also retains its natural flavour, colour.

Virgin olive oil has less acidity, and is processed more in comparison to extra virgin. It is made from more mature olives, which means the quality is less. Extra virgin olive oil is of the finest taste and quality in healthy oil.

Do you think cold-press olive oils are superior?

The olive oil cold-pressed is superior since it is the first time that you press the oil that does not require heating or chemical adulteration. It’s done at room temperature, however it is cold-pressed with no the use of heat to extract more liquid.

This makes sure that the oil is at its purest and most natural state, which makes it a nutritious and healthy oil with the highest antioxidant levels.

What is fake olive oil?

False olive oils are a total scam that poses a grave health danger. The scam is so widespread it is the reason that the European Union (EU) has created an organisation, the OLIVE-OIL-FRAUD task force to tackle the issue.

It is estimated that the EU estimates that of the olive oil sold in Europe approximately 10% are fake. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that as high as 88% of the extra-virgin olive oil that is sold across the U.S. is fake. It’s because it’s simple for you to create: You only require olives and canola.

Olive oil can be mixed with other oils, like soybean oil or canola to boost production. This method of diluting authentic olive oil by mixing it with other oils is known as adulteration.

How do you recognize a fake olive oil brand?

Olive oil is a common ingredient in many kitchens. However, it isn’t always easy to determine the right olive oil to meet your needs. The most effective way to determine the authenticity of the olive oil that you’re using is to test it. The authentic extra-virgin olive oils will be a little spicy and have a rich taste.

The fake olive oil tastes like vegetable oil but will not contain any notes of pepper. If you’re not certain that your olive oil is genuine try it out by giving it a taste test. There isn’t any law regarding the term “extra virgin.” It’s a term used in marketing, so businesses can charge more for the products they sell. Customers should be looking for indicators of purity such as the country of origin as well as a harvest date.

There are other methods to determine whether the genuine Olive Oil you are using is not genuine by examining consistency as well as clarity, colour and consistency however the most effective is the tasting.

The easiest way to tell whether the olive oil that you’re using is is to taste it. A genuine extra-virgin olive oil will be a little spicy and possess a strong flavour.

Method to Check at Home

  • It is easy to check the quality of olive oil at your home.
  • Put the bottle in the refrigerator for 5 hours at temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius. After that, you can determine if the oil began to form.
  • If it does, it’s an excellent indication. It is a sign that the oil you bought contains precisely what you need.
  • If the oil is still liquid, it is diluted with inexpensive vegetable oils, so surely it’s not a virgin.
  • This test isn’t satisfactory, but it’s still an ideal place to begin first if you’re not sure regarding the quality of your oil.

Health risks associated with the use of counterfeit olive oils

Beware of buyers! Olive oil products imported from Italy available within the U.S. are often diluted or mixed with cheaper oils and fats, such as soybean oil, palm oil, and various vegetable oils. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently tested imported olive oil, and concluded that as high as 69% of the samples were mixed with other oils.

Fake olive oils are a huge problem within the United States. In the 80s an investigator from New York City found that around 30 percent of imported olive oils were fake. This number has increased to 80% by the present. The price of olive oil stands at a record peak, and it’s only due to interest from kitchen cooks at home.

The issue is so serious that some stores have decided to test each bottle of olive oil purchased to ensure it is in line with the label. One store tested six different brands and discovered that four were not authentic. The problem is so prevalent that experts have predicted that people who use low-cost imported olive oil for cooking could be eating rancid oils that could be harmful to health.

14 Fake Olive Oil Brands List

Due to such scammed products, the olive oil industry is being corrupted. So, it is necessary to avoid below fake olive oil brands and find the correct brand of pure olive oil.

  • Mezzetta
  • Safeway
  • Filippo Berio
  • Primadonna
  • Carapelli
  • Pompeian
  • Pietro Coricelli
  • Mazola
  • Sasso
  • Bertolli
  • Star
  • Whole Foods
  • Antica Badia
  • Colavita

How to Buy Real Olive Oil?

There are many fraudulent olive oil brands on the market, it is important to be aware of all the crucial elements that can help you distinguish the authentic brand. These are some suggestions for buying genuine olive oil.

Check the Harvest Date

Good quality EVOO must always be accompanied by the date of harvest. The olive harvest season extends from October until December. It usually arrives in the US at the beginning of the year of the pig and the best time to use that olive oil is 2 years after the harvesting season

Therefore, search for oil from olives picked in the past 12 months and make sure you don’t purchase more than one year old. If the best-by date is on the label in lieu of the date of harvest. In this instance it’s a clear signal of doubt from the source. The date of harvest on the bottle will tell you the quality of the wine.

Verify Storage Conditions of Olive Oil

Oxygen, sunlight, heat and time can have negative impacts on olive oils. If the extra virgin oil is properly stored, time is the sole factor that can affect the unopened bottle. The light can be an extremely crucial aspect if a bottle has been in the bright light of the store for several days.

Olive Oil should be in the dark Bottle

Glass bottles with dark colours are much better than clear glass because they protect the oil from becoming degraded. However, they are not completely protected from sunlight, particularly if placed on top shelves. Many businesses are protecting the bottles from light by using box or bag packaging. This effectively reduces exposure to oxygen. Good quality olive oil look like green colour.

Find a Trusted Source

It’s one of the main considerations when buying. Many olive oils in the supermarket have oil that is sourced from five plus countries. A reputable merchant should be able provide you with quality products. Find a store that is passionate about olive oils. If you purchase from a trusted vendor and you are satisfied about your purchase.

Check for California Olive Oil Council (COOC) Label

It is a non-profit organization and guarantees virginity. To evaluate extra virginity the COOC will require a lab test along with an examination of taste.

What is the Legal Aspect of Olive Oil purchase?

Olive Oil Quality Assurance Programs

The NAOOA has a quality-seal program that is based on extensive quality testing conducted with samples bought randomly from the grocery store. To be eligible for the program, olive oil companies must consent to having the NAOOA test their products randomly and pay a cost to acquire to use the AboutOliveOil.org seal to be applied to their packaging.

They must also agree, in the event of the failure of an uncontrolled test, to withdraw the entire range of their product from retailers within North America. That’s quite a severe punishment I’d consider. European olive oils with the P.D.O. seal, also known as “Protected Designation of Origin.”

This oil is approved by the European Union to meet strict quality standards, traceability of origin, as well as adherence to traditional, practices that protect the environment. This assures you that your olive oil is from the region it claims it to come from and that the distinctive characteristics of the oil are directly or exclusively to its origin or place of origin.

PDO High-Quality Olive Oils Brands

Here are 4 top-quality European olive oils which have been certified as PDO and are available to purchase from Amazon.

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The olive oil is one of the most widely utilised oils around the globe. With all the health benefits it offers there is no reason to wonder why numerous people use olive oil on a daily basis. There are, however, some brands that contain lower quality vegetable and seed oils in lieu of the pure olive oil. We’ve put together this list to help you stay clear of these fake brands and ensure that you buy authentic, organic olive oil.

Many people know how olive oil can be a good fat, they might not be aware of how easy it is to get dumped when purchasing olive oil. It is important to be aware of which brands are reputable and which are not to ensure that you aren’t damaging your health with poor quality oils.

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