Fast Pair to Android TV

Google adds Fast Pair to Chromebooks and Android TVs.


Google has brought Fast Pair to various things like Google TV and Android TV as well as smart home gadgets (if they have Matter support) and Chromebooks. Everyone predicted it was going to come sooner or later.

It’s easy to understand if you don’t know what Fast Pair is. Fast Pair enables pairing gadgets like headphones easily with your smartphones. It’s easy to pair a gadget like a pair of headphones with your smartphone.

All you have to do is switch it on and be in the designated range. Although there are many details to the system, it is very easy to use. This is a great feature, and I use it before purchasing Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth buds.

Google claims it to be used by over 100 million people making it an amazing and highly popular feature. It’s now available on more devices and will bring the same simplicity to other categories.

Fast Pair will soon be available for Android TV-based devices. This includes the new Google TV. You can pair your headphones and your TV with a Fast Pair compatible Bluetooth device, such as a pair of headphones. This one will be “coming months” so there might be some waiting. This is just the beginning.

Chromebooks will soon get Fast Pair. This feature has been in development for some time and should work the same way on Android devices. You’ll be prompt to connect if a Fast Pair-compatible pair or buds is within range. It’s similar to Android’s one-click process.

It will also land sooner. Google claims it will arrive in the coming weeks, so it is possible that we may see it before February.

Google is also making it simpler to set up your Chromebook using your Android phone. This is similar to how you can bootstrap a new smartphone using an old phone.

All your saved information, including Wi-Fi passwords and Google login, will be easily transferred. This one is “later in the year”, so it may take a while. But, let’s get back to Fast Pair.

Google has yet to release a timeline for the new Fast Pair capabilities. As soon as these new features become available, we’ll let you know.

Smart Home products that are matter-compatible

Google will also bring Fast Pair to a new category of devices, Smart home stuff. It’s unclear if this will be Bluetooth-based, like Fast Pair before, or if Google is expanding the branding to include other operations.

But it seems like it will allow for the same ease of setup for a lot of things that can sometimes be quite frustrating to get working.

One problem is that it will only work with Matter-compatible devices. That’s the new standard for smart home technology. Even Google’s Nest cameras and thermostats do not have this feature yet.

However, Nest stuff is very easy to set up. Fast Pair for smart-home devices will allow you to connect them to your network and, based on the gif, even assign them names and rooms. You can also associate them with other apps. Surprisingly, this is not limited to the company’s own Google Home.

This announcement is only one of the few that Google made at CES today. Actually, it’s not here. Most of the companies that we cover (including Google ) have left, and we’re staying at home. There’s still more to come.

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