8 Game-Changing App Ideas for Healthcare Startups

8 Game Changing App Ideas for Healthcare Startups


Dear healthcare startups, we know that you want to do something epic to improve the lives of people across the globe.

We are also here to help you with our innovative app ideas for healthcare startups.

But what makes this blog unique from the rest of the internet?

This blog is a mixture of our health tech market understanding and a solid mindset to help you in the best possible way.

So, let’s start this blog.
mHealth or healthcare app market is skyrocketing right now!

The market holds a lot of potentials to give you a promising ROI.

Sensing the opportunity, we have noted down the market-dominating app ideas for healthcare startups.

So, let’s take a look at them.
8 Innovative app ideas for healthcare startups (With market behavior)

Mental health app:

1 in 5 adults in the USA is suffering from a mental health illness – as per the NAMI.

Thus, this is one of the best app ideas for healthcare startups as it enables patients to decode several mental health illnesses with ease.

What can you offer?

  • Virtual care solutions
  • Therapy sessions
  • Sleep tracker
  • Mood tracking

Market Potential:

In 2021An estimated value for 2030
$4.2 Billion$17.5 billion
US Mental Health Apps Market

Men’s and women’s health app:

COVID-19 has changed the living of every individual.

It means, they are now focusing more on their personal health and overall well-being such as mental health, skincare, hair care, sexual health and the list goes on and on and on…

But at some point, they are failing to keep their overall health conditions sufficient due to the fast-moving life.

That’s the reason men’s and women’s health apps are becoming more popular.

What can you offer?

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Primary care
  • Sexual health
  • Skincare and hair care solutions

Market potential (Women’s Health):

In 2021An estimated value for 2030
$2.7 billion$13.2 billion

Online Medical Store:

Another app idea for healthcare startups is an online medical or pharmacy store.

In most cases, patients are not able to drive through the pharmacy store for their medication needs. Using the app, one can order medicine at the doorstep without any complexity.

In fact, patients also can communicate with the online pharmacist if they face any concerns regarding their medications, etc.

What can you offer?

  • Free pharmacy delivery service
  • Subscription-based services
  • Auto-refill
  • Communication via chat, voice, or video call

Market potential:

In 2021An estimated value for 2027
$70.11 billion$182.22 billion

Online therapy app:

We both are familiar with the approach of the therapy session.

To experience ideal results, patients must have to travel to the therapist on a regular basis which is time-consuming and costly.

But this app idea for healthcare startups has all the result-driven solutions for the therapy concerns. It lets patients connect with the online therapist over chat, voice, or video call.

Online Therapy is Helping People Find Relief.

What can you offer?

  • Online consultation
  • Daily or weekly base therapy session
  • Daily tips for exercise
  • Mental health therapy sessions to boost the recovery

Market potential:

In 2020An estimated value for 2028
$2.36 Billion in 2020$23.49 Billion

Addiction Recovery App:

Addiction Recovery Chart

Alcohol and drug addiction are rapidly increasing in every age group, especially in young adults.

For instance, over 2% of the world population is addicted to alcohol or drugs while 5.5% have tried drugs at least once in 2021.

But due to the lack of awareness and sufficient addiction recovery sessions, governments are failing to help the addicted population. Thus, this is one of the best app ideas for healthcare startups.

What can you offer?

Addiction recovery sessions

Daily tips

Virtual therapy solutions

Track and share the progress to boost recovery

Market potential:

In 2021An estimated value for 2025
$42 billion$53 billion

Diet and nutrition app:

Healthcare startup is not about decoding only serious illnesses as people are also taking interest in their daily lifestyle and overall well-being.

Diet and nutrition apps are one of those mHealth app solutions that enable the individual to keep track of weight, diet needs, and nutrition needs in order to stay on top of maintaining well-being.

What can you offer?

Online nutritionist

Daily tips and videos sessions

Custom diet plan

Track the progress

Market potential:

In 2021An estimated value for 2029
$2,187.63 million$15,017.42 million

Skincare eCommerce app:

The skincare demands are rapidly rising as of modern food habits and pollution.

The skincare eCommerce app allows people to communicate with the skincare specialist for any concerns and can purchase the products that suit or are recommended by the online skincare specialist.

Just imagine the outcome when a persona is using the ideal skincare product for their various skincare needs.

What can you offer?

Online consultation with a dermatologist

Skincare advice

Custom skincare products

Subscription and non-subscription-based plan

Telemedicine app

To grab your attention, we have mentioned this revolutionary app idea in the last.

With no doubt, telemedicine has changed the entire healthcare ecosystem in just a few years.

What makes telemedicine best from the rest is that it not only helps the patients but everyone who is connected with the healthcare ecosystem.

Telemedicine is a pocket-size clinic for any health-related concerns which allows patients to connect with virtual care providers in various forms such as – chat, voice and video conferencing.

What can you offer?

Mental health

Chronic care

Neurological disorders

Addiction recovery

And many more other health-related services.

Market potential:

In 2021An estimated value for 2030
$70.4 billion$380.3 billion
North America Telemedicine Market Chart

So, these are the most promising app ideas for healthcare startups.

Final words – “Focus on the solutions rather than the problems”

To dominate the market presence in this skyrocketing market, you just need to focus on the below three aspects.

  • Healthcare app development
  • Build strong business roots in this shifting market
  • Don’t dare to avoid data privacy and security loopholes in the app

Using this method, you can easily achieve business goals without slowing down your mHealth app pace.

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