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Gmail is the Fourth App to Cross 10 Billion Installations On Android


Gmail has become the fourth service ever to surpass the 10-billion download mark following three other services created by Google. 

Do you even remember not using your Gmail address for a day? It’s longer than your current job? What’s more important than the relationship you’re currently in? At present Google’s free services for email are no more than an online institution. We look towards the way it’s going to continue to grow in the coming twenty years, seeing that the Gmail Android app passes a significant milestone as the Play Store tallies up to 10 billion downloads.

Although Gmail is preinstalled on a majority of Android devices We’re not about to let a minor thing like that detract from this achievement. Gmail is only one of the latest fundamental Google apps that have reached the threshold of 10 billion users, beginning with Play services and this is followed by YouTube and then Maps. Together with Search and also Gmail and Gmail, they are the only Five Android applications that have been able to reach this height.

Google’s Gmail has now been enriched with a number of exciting features. Recently Google’s mail service came up with various time periods of 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, and 30 seconds during which users could resend an email. Earlier a time frame of 5 seconds was set to recall an error in sending a message, which was too short to even realize an error. 

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Another new update has been made available to Google Chat in Gmail. This update will allow users to be in a position to make 1:1 video and audio calls. The company has released this update exclusively for users on mobile devices using Android as well as iOS platforms. Calls can only be made with people who are on the chat roster. Users will also be able to view missed calls and current call details on the chat list on Gmail.

What will be the next Android application that will reach 10 billion downloads? Chrome is a possible possibility. It’s safe to predict it’s likely that Facebook could be the first app that isn’t Google-based to be a part of the club. But can it make it ahead of Google’s popular browser? We’ll find out sooner or later.