Hisense TV remote not working

Hisense TV remote not working: Troubleshooting guide


Have you turned on your Hisense TV and noticed that the remote is not working? You’re not alone. This happens to thousands of people whom turn on their latest home entertainment device but forget to bring the remote with them when they go out. If you are like most people in this situation then you are probably wondering what is wrong with your remote and why it isn’t working. Hopefully, this article will answer all your questions regarding this problem.

 In most cases, when you have a Hisense TV, one of the accessories that comes with it is a remote. Sometimes people find that their TV remote is not working properly and they want to try using some other type of remote. But where should they turn? What kind of remote is best? To answer these questions and more, I’ve put together this handy guide on Hisense TV remote issues…

 If you are having problems with the Hisense TV remote not working, your first question is probably going to be about batteries. Is the remote’s battery just dead or is there a more serious problem? There are some fairly common reasons why this could be happening and I’ll explain them all in detail below.

 Your remote control is the key to the operation of your TV. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and sometimes you might just be losing your cool. When it happens, I’ve found that there are a number of power-saving and wall-mounting options that can help you get back to watching what matters – and no, not Netflix.

I’ll show you some fundamental troubleshooting techniques that will aid in identifying the problem.

1. Remove batteries, press the power button on the remote

Slide the screen down of your Hisense television remote, and pull into the rechargeable batteries. Press one of the buttons on your remote and then press it several times.

The reason to hit the button to power the remote is to deplete the device of any remaining energy.

Even after the batteries are gone, the remote can retain some power in capacitors. However, it will not fully reset unless you remove the capacitors.

Pressing the power button, you’ll be able to release the battery in the capacitor on the remote. While it appears to be an easy task however, it’s a crucial one and many people forget this step.

This reset can solve your remote.

2. Confirm Remote’s IR Sensor Is Working

The remote on your TV and the remote make use of an infrared beam to transmit or receive signal.

If the beam isn’t functioning properly on the remote, it could be the cause for an unresponsive remote.

One of the most efficient ways to verify whether the IR on the remote is working is to use the camera in your phone:

  • Launch Camera on your smartphone and examine your remote via the display.
  • Click any button or a set of keys on the remote.
  • A functioning remote will display the red light flashing on the camera’s screen after every pressing.
  • If you are unable to see any red light, your remote might be defective or the batteries are dying.

3. Replace the batteries

Even though this seems evident, the batteries in your remote may be old and need replacement. Installing new batteries in the remote may solve the issue.

You’ll be amazed at how often this can be the root of the problem!

In the worst-case scenario, if the remote does not function with the new batteries, at the very least you’re aware that it wasn’t the batteries that were the cause.

4. Remove obstructions that could block IR signals

Blockages between your TV remote and your home are another problem that can be found.

Because your remote is using an infrared beam, and your television has the IR sensor, it is necessary for them to be able send or receive the beam, without encountering obstructions.

Obstructions may be caused by walls, electronic signals like bluetooth, and even large objects like furniture or speakers.

If you observe an obstruction between the Hisense remote and TV, you can try moving to another location or point the remote directly at the screen’s sensor TV.

Sometimes, the problem can be as easy as sitting in another seat in your house or moving a part of your furniture.

5. Make sure to press all the remote buttons

It might appear odd at first, but pressing all buttons in the Hisense remote will get it working again.

Most of the time, the remote’s button can be stuck. In the event that one button on the remote are stuck, the rest will not function. This is similar to when you press the keys of the keyboard, it ceases to respond to keystrokes.

There are numerous ways that a remote button could become stuck. Perhaps it was stuck in a crevice between cushions on the couch and dirt got caught under the rubber. Whatever the reason, it’s a fairly common problem and is easy to address.

Pressing all the buttons, and then slapping the remote on your palm hands a several times, which is simple, it is possible to push the buttons back.

Turn it upside down with the buttons facing downwards and then smack the back to allow dirt to fall off. But don’t fret, Hisense TV remotes are extremely durable.

6. Turn off your Hisense TV

In some instances there are instances where a software problem with your TV could result in a glitch in the communications between the remote and the TV. If that’s the case turning off the Hisense TV will likely fix the problem.

To power cycle your Hisense TV, disconnect your power supply from the outlet and then wait for 60 full minutes.

While you sit to finish, press and hold down the TV’s power button for thirty minutes. Be sure to hold and press the TV’s power button, NOT the remote! The TV will be drained of any remaining power that has built within its capacitors.

When the entire minute is over, plug your TV into it. Then, wait for the TV to start up (it takes a bit longer than the norm) and then test the remote.

In most cases restarting your TV with this method will fix any issues with the remote , too. This can help to ensure that your TV is functioning smoothly.

7. Liquid Damage

The most likely reason is that liquid got into the device and destroyed circuits that control the buttons. The damage caused by liquid is fairly frequent and is usually the reason that some buttons on a remote aren’t working.

If liquid is able to get inside the remote, it could leave a residue that could stop the buttons’ rubber from coming into complete connection with circuit pad.

If you need to push a button hard to get it to register, then liquid damage could be the reason. The effects of soft drinks may leave behind a sticky residue which could cause all kinds of issues.

What you can try is an easy fix for yourself and remove the remote in order to clean out the internal components. If you’re not happy with this, I suggest looking up an Hisense remote’s model on the internet and purchasing the replacement.

But if you’re intrigued and would like to embark on a project that’s not yet completed, let’s go on. You know, what’s most likely scenario? The remote isn’t working! But still, here are some measures.

  • Open Remote Case

The plan is to remove the case of the remote and scrub all the buttons made of rubber, along with circuit boards and plastic panels, to get rid of any liquid residue. It’s an easy task and the majority of Hisense remotes aren’t equipped with screws.

To begin, we’ll need to start by opening first the Hisense remote. Be sure to remove the batteries, and then press the power button several times to deplete the remote.

Keep the remote by its side and close to the area where the OK button is situated, at the middle, insert an flat-head screwdriver through the space between the two panels. It is possible to have to twist it slightly.

Make use of a different screwdriver to increase the gap. Twist the screwdriver until you will detect a disconnection of the section. Move the screwdriver down the case, squeezing out the sections.

  • Clean the Components

After the panel has been removed within, you’ll see the rubber button panel as well as the circuit board. It is your choice to remove the components and examine the components for indications of damage from liquid.

There’s a good chance that you’ll find hair, stains or other undesirable dirt within. Check each component including the plastic cover, and make sure that they’re spotless. The back side of the button made of rubber is the most crucial.

To remove liquid residue to remove it, you can use Isopropyl alcohol 99%. It is possible to use a tip coated in alcohol , to massage off the residue, or soak the entire thing in it. Isopropyl alcohol 99 percent won’t harm any circuit, but at the very least not until it’s had dried completely.

Then take a close take a look on the circuit board. It has pads that are in line with the button panel made of rubber.

When one or more buttons of your Hisense remote is not responding then align the rubber panel to the board, and identify the pad that corresponds with the button that is not responding.

  • Check the Circuit Board Pads

There’s a high chance that your circuit board’s pad could be a little overused or will be stained by liquid damage. Make use of alcohol to eliminate the stains off the circuit.

Another trick that is cool is using a pencil to draw lines along the pad tracks on circuit boards. The reason behind this is that the graphite used inside the pencil improves conductivity, which makes pads easier to detect pressure.

When you’re sure everything’s clear, you can put it back together. The circuit board is placed in the panel at the rear and the button pad made of rubber is located on the top panel. Be sure that they are securely within each of their panels.

Join the panels, then squeeze the two panels together to ensure they click and join. Install the batteries as well as test your Hisense remote.

I hope that, after all the effort and effort, you’ll find that the Hisense remote will begin to function again. If it is still refusing to function, even after all those fixes, then the only option is to purchase an alternative.

Hisense remotes aren’t costly however it can be a hassle waiting for the delivery to be in a position to connect Your Hisense TV.


What if Hisense Remote Won’t Change Channel?

Problems with batteries are the primary reason that the Hisense remote is unable to change channels. If the problem isn’t the batteries, it could be something blocking the transmission that is transmitted between your remote and television.

It’s also a good idea to look at the channels buttons directly on the TV. There will be 2 buttons, or even a rocker arm to permit you to switch channels on the TV.

What if Hisense Remote Not Pairing?

By pressing the button that resembles chat box, and pressing the rectangle button at the same time will trigger a red LED to be turned on. If you notice the lights let the buttons go so that pairing will begin in a sequence. After pairing the lights will flash three times.

It is the most efficient method to pair the remote as it’s automated. If you’re not getting it to work. Try the second option that could help in certain situations.

1. Locate Bluetooth in the menu of settings and then turn Bluetooth on.

2. Click the ‘chat box’ as well as the ‘rectangle’ button simultaneously, and hold it for 3 minutes.

3. The screen should show “find nearby devices,” and pressing it will initiate the remote’s search for anything within the area. It is possible to use the buttons to move up and down to select the appropriate remote.

4. Once you have been selected, click the okay button to allow the pairing process to be completed.

What if Hisense Remote Volume Not Working?

The most typical reason behind why the volume keys aren’t functioning in the Hisense remote is because the remote is damaged. If other keys work it could be because something spilled onto the remote and has caused the keys to become stuck. Disassemble the remote control, and then carefully scrub the arm of the rocker.

Resetting the remote can aid. Here’s how you can accomplish it:

1. Make use of the power button to turn on the TV.

2. Press the button to set up and hold it for a few seconds.

3. Enter the code “9 9 1′

4. The power button should be pushed at the top of your remote, and hold it while simultaneously you push on the button to turn up channel until the television turns off.

When the TV comes to on, then the remote must be connected.

How to Install the Latest Hisense Smart TV Remote App on Your Smartphone?

Before you can start using this Hisense Smart TV remote app on your tablet or smartphone be sure to install the most current version.

It is the Hisense Smart TV app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 10/8/7 and Mac. Download the most current version for your preferred device and watch your most loved shows.

To download the most recent version:

  • Access your Smart TV’s Settings menu by navigating to the ‘System’ option within the Settings menu on the TV’s screen.
  • Select “Smart Remote App”.
  • After that, click here for the download to install and run the most recent version of the application.
  • Use the app to open the remote control.
  • Create your profile
  • You must enter your personal PIN number.


If you notice that you notice that your Hisense remote stops working. Check the batteries first. They might need to be replaced, or may be inserted in reverse. Removing the batteries and replacing them with fresh replacement batteries will give more signal strength to the TV via the remote. If the issue is not the batteries, it could be something blocking the signal from the TV and the remote.

Here are the most important solutions for your Hisense remote that isn’t working:

  • Take the batteries off the remote of your Hisense TV remote, and then press the power button couple of times
  • Check that you are sure that the IR sensor in Your Hisense remote is functioning.
  • Eliminate any obstructions that could block IR signaling between the Hisense remote and your TV
  • Mix each button of your Hisense TV remote and slap it on the palm of your hand several times.
  • Try a brand new battery that is fully charged
  • Set your television back up by disconnecting the TV to the wall and letting it sit for 30 seconds, then reconnecting the power.
  • Remove your Hisense remote, and then apply 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove liquid damage residues off the circuit board and button panel made of rubber

If all else fails you need to get an alternative. Did you manage to repair your Hisense remote that isn’t working? If yes, let me know you did it in the comments section below.

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