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10 Hot Tub Brands to Avoid + 7 Best Hot Tub Brands: A Buyer’s Guide

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Hot Tubs are an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long day. However, not all Hot Tub Brands are created equal. 

A hot tub is meant to offer valuable hydrotherapy through features like bubble baths, massages, and spa experiences. Some brands may promise the world but fail to deliver, leaving you with a broken or unreliable hot tub. We will be discussing the Hot Tub Brands to Avoid at all costs as well as trustworthy brands that can provide you with the perfect hot tub experience. 

We will also be identifying common issues with unreliable brands and factors that make some of them not worth your investment. By the end of this blog post, you will have a better understanding of what to look for in the best brand of hot tub and how to choose one that suits your needs.

It’s essential to be well-informed about the unreliable brands in the industry before making a significant investment in this luxurious water feature for your home.

How to Identify the Bad Hot Tub Brands?

Identifying the worst brands of hot tubs is essential for a wise purchase. Avoid These Hot Tub Pitfalls – While many well-known brands enhance their hot tubs with futuristic features for optimal user experiences, some fall short of delivering on their promises.

Here are key indicators of the Worst Hot Tub Brands:

  • Negative Customer Reviews
  • Lack of Service Agreement
  • Lacking Positive Feedback
  • Inadequate Warranty
  • Low-Quality Insulation
  • Poor Customer Service

Now that you know the important signs that might suggest issues with hot tub brands, let’s take a closer look at specific products that you should be aware of.

In addition to what we discussed earlier, this list of not-so-great hot tub brands is put together by considering how well they perform, their efficiency, pricing, and what consumers have reported.

10 Hot Tub Brands To Avoid

Steer Clear of These Hot Tub Brands – Surprisingly, there are hot tub brands that may catch your eye with their appealing designs but unfortunately prove to be less durable over time.

Life Spas’ limitations position it as one of the Worst Hot Tub Brands, lacking in both luxury models and good customer service. Hot Spring Spas face negative reviews for its traditional hot tubs, falling short in the market today. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs struggles to compete with reputable brands, while Caldera Spas’ affordable prices do not make up for its drawbacks. 

Sundance Spas offers inflatable hot tubs but fails to meet long-time expectations. These brands, including Marquis Spas and Catalina, fail to provide relaxation and hydrotherapy. Consumers often share their experiences on social platforms and forums, emphasizing the need to avoid these brands.

1. Life Spas Hot Tub – An Overview and Its Cons

Life Spas, despite being in the market for a long time, has several drawbacks, justifying its place among the Worst Hot Tub Brands. The weak jets in their traditional tubs do not offer effective hydrotherapy or relaxation.

The durability issues and lack of luxury models weaken their standing as a reputable brand. Negative reviews about their poor customer service raise concerns about their credibility. 

Compared to other premium brands like Marquis Spas, Bueno Spas or Cal Spas, Life Spas fails to provide the same level of quality at affordable prices.

Numerous users expressing discontent with Life Spas hot tubs have specifically highlighted significant issues with the water heaters. Some users even reported instances of water reaching boiling temperatures due to overheating.

In line with other best brands of hot tubs to be cautious of, We readily notice inconsistent online reviews about this manufacturer.

The company falls short of delivering hot tubs as advertised, and its delivery service is notably untimely. We frequently come across reports of improper performance and inferior materials associated with Life Spas hot tubs.

With nearly 47% of dissatisfied customers, We find Life Spas emerging as one of the Hot Tub Brands to Avoid in the current market.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Weak jets in traditional tubs
  • Durability issues
  • Lack of luxury models
  • Poor customer service
  • Instances of water boiling temperatures
  • Delivery and performance issues
  • Inferior online reviews

2. Hot Spring Spas – What Makes it Awful

Hot Spring Spas present several drawbacks, solidifying their place among the Hot Tub Brands to Avoid. The high energy consumption is a chief concern, impacting the overall performance.

Poor insulation and lack of durability further diminish the appeal of Hot Spring Spas. These drawbacks have been echoed in negative reviews from consumers, underscoring the brand’s limitations and influencing its inclusion in the avoid list.

Despite Hot Spring Spas’ stellar market reputation, there’s a noticeable deficiency in its responsiveness to complaints and issue resolution.

Consumer reports hot tubs enduring waits exceeding two months for a callback from the brand to address their hot tub issues. 

Beyond the highlighted Hot Tub Brands, others are deserving of caution due to common negative customer feedback.

Meanwhile, both Saratoga Spas and Arctic Spas merit avoidance, as these brands are notorious for their dreadful customer support services.

Reasons to Avoid

  • High energy consumption
  • Poor insulation performance
  • Lack of durability
  • Negative consumer reviews

3. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs- Why It’s on This List

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are the best 4-person hot tubs. It Exhibits drawbacks that warrant its inclusion in this list. Durability issues with Jacuzzis justify their place among the Hot Tub Brands too. The brand’s reputation is not so good due to these concerns, making it imperative for buyers to read caution when considering Jacuzzi Hot Tubs.

As someone immersed in the industry, We can attest to jacuzzi brands standing among the top-rated brands, celebrated for delivering energy-efficient with exceptional performance.

In contrast to the hot tubs featured in this list, We find Jacuzzi to be significantly superior. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that its consumer affairs rating modestly stands at 3.5.

So, what contributes to this high-performing hot tub brand receiving a somewhat average score? Regrettably, the exceptional quality of Jacuzzi hot tubs lacks a counterpart in commendable customer service.

My exploration of online Jacuzzi hot tub reviews underscores significant grievances concerning the brand’s customer service, with numerous users expressing discontent.

A recurring concern is the brand’s hesitancy to replace damaged parts under warranty, even when the product remains well within its warranty period.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heater Malfunctions
  • Subpar Material Quality
  • Limited Energy-Efficient Options

4. Caldera Spas Reviews – Not a Good Choice

Caldera Spas hot tub is one of the Worst Hot Tub Brands available today. The cons of Caldera Spas contribute to its status as a brand to avoid, including weak jets and poor insulation that result in durability issues, according to negative reviews.

Despite being a reputable brand in the market, Caldera Spas’ disadvantages outweigh the luxury models they offer. The company’s long-time presence does not compensate for the lack of good customer service and relaxation experience, making it an undesirable choice for those seeking hydrotherapy.

Despite Caldera Spas being a highly renowned company, it doesn’t alter the fact that many individuals find themselves disappointed with their hot tub manufacturers.

Caldera Spas falls short of providing the best customer service. Moreover, their hot tub models typically demand ongoing repairs and maintenance. Some users lament that they must perform nightly maintenance on their hot tub to prevent filter clogging or the entire tub from malfunctioning.

A consumer shared an unfortunate experience where the customer service office of Caldera Spas not only refused to address his problem but also abruptly hung up the call.

Reasons to Avoid

  • High ongoing maintenance needs
  • Poor insulation leads to durability issues
  • Refusal to address problems

5. Aleko Inflatable Hot Tubs – A Risky Option

While Aleko Inflatable Hot Tubs do boast a mix of positive and negative reviews from users, it’s evident that the majority lean toward the unfavorable side. concerns about warranties have been expressed by some customers. Homeowners are worried about the durability of these hot tubs, and there are doubts about whether customer service and support from Aleko meet consumers’ expectations. 

A prevalent issue with this brand is the consistent delivery of defective hot tubs to consumers. Users have reported difficulties in maintaining warmth for an extended period, with some expressing frustration over the prolonged heating time.

Homeowners should consider longevity, durability, and value before purchasing. Customer service may be lacking, and insulation issues have been reported. Choose wisely for a better hot tub experience.

In alignment with other Hot Tub Brands to Avoid on this list, Aleko also falls short in providing satisfactory customer service. Explore further downsides associated with this inflatable hot tub below.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Malfunctioning Heaters
  • Short Warranty Period
  • Long-term durability may be a drawback

6. Laguna Bay Spas – Why You Should Steer Clear

Laguna Bay Spas exhibits several cons that make it a brand to avoid. The lack of quality and good customer service makes it a risky option for those seeking relaxation and hydrotherapy.

When compared to reputable brands like Marquis Spas or traditional hot tub companies in the market today, Laguna Bay Spas falls short in terms of performance, luxury, and long-term satisfaction, making it an undesirable choice for buyers.

If you’re in the market for the most energy-efficient hot tub brands, Laguna Bay Spas shouldn’t cut. This brand consistently delivers defective products, earning it a low 2-star rating, indicative of a sizable pool of dissatisfied users.

Numerous customers have faced issues ranging from faulty tubs to heating problems with Laguna Bay Spas products, The problem was further compounded by the brand’s disappointing customer service.

For those still unconvinced about steering clear of this brand, consider the following drawbacks of Laguna Bay Spas hot tubs.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Complex control panel design
  • Complaints about ill-fitting covers and weak jets
  • Common issues with leakage

7. Thermospa Hot Tub – The Drawbacks

The brand’s drawbacks mirror the importance of thorough research, especially considering the range of reputable brands available in the market today.

Customer service from Thermospa has been criticized for being not so good, while energy consumption of their hot tubs is also a point of concern. This highlights the need for careful consideration when evaluating Thermospa as a potential purchase.

No compilation of Hot Tub Brands to Avoid would be comprehensive without mentioning Thermospa, as it boasts the lowest ratings in terms of customer satisfaction.

Thermospa’s lack of collaboration with local dealers poses a significant challenge for most customers. Moreover, a substantial number of users have voiced grievances about delayed deliveries from this brand.

One customer even reported an astonishing three-month waiting period for the delivery of their hot tub.

A quick check on the Better Business Bureau reveals Thermospa holding a rating of B, indicative of poor construction both externally and internally in their hot tubs.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Leakage Issues
  • Unclear Instructions
  • Limited Pricing Information
  • Foam Production

8. Coleman and Bestway- Think Twice

When considering hot tub brands, it’s important to think twice about Coleman and Bestway. Homeowners may not find the best value in Coleman hot tubs, as durability issues have been reported by some customers.

Similarly, Bestway hot tubs have garnered reviews, particularly regarding their long-term durability and weak jets. Both brands seem to fall short in terms of customer satisfaction and product quality, which raises concerns for prospective buyers.

It’s crucial to carefully evaluate these factors before investing in a hot tub from either of these brands. Coleman and Bestway hot tubs are the next ones on my list to avoid.

These brands consistently fall short of meeting my overall expectations and are considered among the worst in the market.

When We invest in an inflatable hot tub brand, We anticipate a product that can promptly heat water. Unfortunately, this expectation is not met with Coleman Inflatable Hot Tubs.

This brand significantly lags behind others in heating water promptly. Additionally, users have reported the Coleman hot tubs featuring weak jets.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sluggish Heating
  • Coupled with poor-quality jets.
  • Subpar Material Quality

9. Dimension One Spa

When pursuing Dimension One Spa’s official website, a notable absence is the lack of customer reviews.

However, on third-party consumer sites, the brand’s rating becomes apparent, standing at a modest 3.2 stars.

Numerous users have voiced concerns about the unresponsiveness of Dimension One Spa’s customer service, particularly when seeking replacements for defective heaters or other components.

Furthermore, a significant number of users have expressed dissatisfaction with their hot tubs, citing early signs of leakage issues within just a few weeks of use.

Explore below for additional reasons why Dimension One Spa is identified as one of the Hot Tub Brands to Avoid.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lack of Delivery Instructions
  • Poorly Designed Components
  • Leakage issues after only a few uses

10. Futura Spas – Hot Tub Brands to Avoid

Taking the lead as the first unfavorable hot tub brand on this list, I’ve noticed that Futura Spas consistently garners a 2.5 rating for three consecutive years.

Whether We initiate a Google search or consult consumer affairs, the ratings persistently hover at a low level.

Despite the brand’s claim of a 25-year warranty, users frequently discover themselves burdened with repair costs for faulty parts, even within the valid guarantee period. They experienced issues such as broken cabinets and blown fuses, amplifying the reasons to avoid this brand.

The hot tubs, crafted with subpar materials, lack the necessary durability. Navigating the control panel of Futura Spas hot tub proves perplexing and user-unfriendly. Certain areas of the tub exhibit rough plastic, and the filter pleats are notably weak.

The customer service provided by Futura Spas often falls short of being helpful. In summary, my experience indicates that the actual hot tubs diverge significantly from the polished images presented in advertisements.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Discrepancy between advertised and actual quality
  • Consistent low 2.5 rating for three years
  • Rough plastic, weak filter pleats

7 Best Hot Tub Brands to Buy (Reliable Options)

When considering reputable hot tub brands, Master Spa stands out best-rated hot tub for its adjustable jets and durable materials, traits highly valued by consumers. This brand garners positive consumer reviews for longevity and top-notch customer service, reflecting its commitment to quality and satisfaction. 

With a focus on energy efficiency and reliable performance, Master Spa offers luxury models at affordable prices, appealing to a broad market segment. The brand’s strong presence in the industry, along with its focus on customer relaxation and hydrotherapy, makes it a trusted choice, as evidenced by discussions on platforms like Reddit. 

In comparison to inflatable Best hot tubs brands and traditional options, Master Spa remains a pinnacle of reliability and customer satisfaction.

1. The Strengths of Master Spa – Healthy Living Series

Master Spa’s hot tubs are one of the most reliable hot tub brands that cater to diverse needs and financial constraints, offering a range of models for various budgets. The utilization of top-notch materials and construction techniques ensures durability, while the focus on energy efficiency helps in reducing long-term electricity expenses.

Moreover, the brand is reputed for its exceptional customer service and support, backed by a robust warranty and service program. With a commitment to innovation, Master Spa integrates advanced technology and features into its hot tubs, providing users with a lavish and rejuvenating spa experience.

Masters Hot Tub stands out as a top-tier choice in the realm of hot tubs. Offering a diverse selection of products at various price points, individuals can easily find an affordable option without compromising on quality or worrying about the brand’s standing.

With an impressive rating of 4.3, Masters Hot Tub cements its reputation as one of the most reliable brands in the industry, particularly lauded for its effective noise reduction system.

Customers can look forward to a significant reduction in pump and motor vibrations, enhancing the overall experience with Masters Hot Tub. The brand goes beyond the basics, incorporating appealing features such as a fusion air sound system, mobile compatibility, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Certainly, Masters Hot Tub emerges as a brand of choice, ensuring users a serene and enjoyable experience with its advanced noise reduction capabilities during operation.

2. Why Bullfrog Spa (R Series) is Reliable

The Bullfrog Spa (R Series) stands out for its durable and long-lasting shell material, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.

Its unique JetPak system allows for personalized massage therapy, catering to individual preferences for relaxation and hydrotherapy. Moreover, the spa’s energy-efficient features offer cost savings on electricity bills, making it an eco-friendly option.

Customers also benefit from a comprehensive warranty and reliable customer service, reflecting the brand’s commitment to good customer service and support. Notably, positive feedback from customers and industry experts solidifies Bullfrog Spa (R Series) as a reputable brand in the market today.

bullfrog spas reviews stand out as one of the top-rated hot tub brands in the current market. Individuals opting for this brand can rest assured that their concerns will not go unnoticed, thanks to Bullfrog Spa’s exceptional customer support service.

In addition to Bullfrog hot tub reviews and its responsive customer service, Bullfrog Spa is renowned for its energy-efficient hot tubs.

Moreover, prospective buyers can explore Bullfrog Spa’s diverse range of hot tubs, available at various price points. This ensures that homeowners can effortlessly select a model that aligns with their budget.

3. Essential Hot Tubs (67-Jet Syracuse Hot Tub) – A Plausible Choice

When considering the top hot tub brands Essential Hot Tubs stands out by its features, including its hydrotherapy jets, LED lighting, and spacious design.

Compared to other Worst Hot Tub Brands, this model stands out for its reputable brand reputation and good customer service, garnering positive reviews from customers.

Potential buyers should weigh factors such as price, size, and maintenance requirements. For those seeking relaxation and hydrotherapy, the Essential Hot Tubs (67-Jet Syracuse Hot Tub) offers a plausible choice with luxury models at affordable prices.

The final commendable choice among trusted hot tub brands on this list is Essential Hot Tubs, which offers a high-quality product with an impressive rating of 4.7 stars.

We appreciate the comfortable seating and the efficient heating system provided by this brand.

An additional positive aspect of Essential Hot Tubs is its advanced filtering system, ensuring a worry-free experience when it comes to water cleanliness

In summary, when selecting water feature products, We advise careful consideration, and avoiding any of the hot tub brands mentioned earlier is advisable if you aim to steer clear of disappointment in the long run.

4. AquaRest Spa

AquaRest Spa has garnered a reputation for subpar customer service and quality issues, as numerous customers have experienced leaks, faulty jets, and other problems with their AquaRest spas. The company’s warranty is also limited and may not cover all issues, which contributes to the negative reviews.

In comparison, reputable brands like Caldera Spas and Jacuzzi offer better quality and customer support. By considering these aspects, potential buyers can make informed decisions when exploring the market for hot tubs.

5. Hot Spring

When considering purchasing a hot tub, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research on different brands to avoid any potential disappointments. One popular and reputable brand to consider is Hot Spring, known for its quality products and excellent customer service. 

In addition to Hot Spring, Jacuzzi and Sundance are also noteworthy options to explore. It’s important to steer clear of brands with negative reviews or a history of mechanical issues, such as Dream Maker Spas or American Spas. 

When making a decision, prioritize brands that offer strong warranties and reliable after-sales support, ensuring a satisfying and stress-free ownership experience.

6. Nordic Hot Tub

Nordic Hot Tubs, known for their reputable brand and a long time in the market, have garnered mixed reviews from customers. While some users praise the relaxation and hydrotherapy provided by Nordic Hot Tubs, others have expressed dissatisfaction with issues such as leaks and faulty jets. 

In comparison to traditional hot tubs and luxury models, Nordic Hot Tubs offer affordable prices but may lack features found in premium series like Marquis Spas or swim spas. When considering Hot Tub Brands to Avoid, it’s essential to weigh the negative reviews alongside factors such as warranty, maintenance, and cost. For those seeking alternatives, inflatable hot tubs from Intex or reputable brands like Catalina could be a better fit.

7. Marquis Spas

For those seeking the best hot tub warranty, Marquis Spas emerges as an ideal brand to explore. Offering a budget-friendly option with constant clean technology, Marquis Spas typically provides hot tubs with warranty periods ranging from 1 to 5 years, ensuring reliability.

Users consistently commend the cleanliness and freshness of soaking in Marquis Spas hot tubs, enhancing the overall experience.

Marquis Spas goes beyond the basics, allowing users to install LED lighting and an audio system in their hot tubs. The brand offers an extensive range of customization choices, enabling users to tailor their tubs to their preferences.

Crucially, Marquis Spas excels in customer service, ensuring users are well taken care of—a stark contrast to some hot tub brands mentioned in the above list that are best avoided.


To conclude, it is crucial to be aware of the Hot Tub Brands to Avoid to ensure a satisfactory purchase. Unreliable hot tub brands can lead to common issues such as poor-quality construction, malfunctioning parts, and inadequate customer support. Brands like Life Spas, Hot Spring Spas, Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, and Caldera Spas have all been identified as brands with significant drawbacks. 

On the other hand, trustworthy brands like Master Spa, Bullfrog Spa, Essential Hot Tubs, AquaRest Spa, Hot Spring, and Nordic Hot Tub offer a better experience with their reliable products and excellent customer service. 

When choosing the right hot tub brand, consider factors such as the brand’s reputation, customer reviews, warranty, and features that meet your specific needs. Taking these factors into account will help you make an informed decision and enjoy a rewarding hot tub experience.