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How to optimize your website for voice search and SEO?


Voice search was once a rage like artificial intelligence is now. But that doesn’t mean voice search’s value has diminished. In fact, it has only become more popular with time. In today’s time, if your website isn’t optimized for voice search, your website has arguably become outdated. That’s how much importance voice search holds for your website and its SEO as well. 

In our article, you will get to learn a lot about how you can optimize your website for both voice search and SEO. This blog will be the most wholesome resource for it. So, let’s begin the topic. 

What is voice search, and what is its impact on SEO?

According to SEO Toronto experts, Voice search is a hot trend nowadays in which users ask search engines or their smart devices about anything they need an answer for. The search engine or their device gives them an answer in a standard voice. This saves them the effort of typing in their query and then searching for the relevant solution by going through so many websites. 

The voice search technology has impacted the SEO industry a lot. It’s because search engines have started preferring websites that are voice search optimized. That’s why SEO professionals have started to ensure that their websites are ready for voice search. 

Differences between voice and text searches


Voice-based searches

Text-based searches

The structure of the query In these searches longer, conversational searches are made that have natural language.  In it, short searches are made that use highly specific keywords or phrases.
The length of the query The queries are generally longer, have a lot more details and even sound natural.  They are a lot shorter and highly focused. 
Keywords & Phrases A lot of full sentences and conversational language are used.  Special emphasis is given to keywords.
The behaviour of the searcher The users usually ask proper questions that are a lot like conversations.  Most of the users prefer shorthand and search with conciseness. 
The impact of the search engine It adapts to understand the context behind the query along with the natural language.  It focuses on matching keywords. 
Optimizing the website  This requires content that addresses the spoken queries.  This gives more emphasis on keyword optimization. 
Expectation of the result The result expected is a direct, spoken answer to the queries.  The result should match the keywords used. 

Optimizing your content for voice search

There are a lot of ways that you can use to optimize your website’s content for voice search. Some of them are as follows:-

  • You must think like your audience and try to include the content which your audience might like. 
  • Another approach is to provide direct answers to your audience without adding fluff. The content should be as short as possible. 
  • You can also include FAQ-type content on your website. It will increase the probability of your website being selected by the search engine or the smart device to provide an answer to the user. 
  • One thing that should be followed diligently is to write conversational content on your website. The more conversational content on your website, the more the chance of your website’s content being selected as the voice search result. 
  • You need to optimize your website for the local search as well.

Technical SEO for voice search

Technical SEO is also very important for voice search. Here are the following technical SEO aspects that you must focus on:-

  • The first point to focus on is the website’s speed. In case your website’s speed isn’t quick enough, your content to be selected as the voice search results will become grim. 
  • Another important aspect that you should focus on is whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. A lot of individuals use their mobile phones to do voice searches. That’s why you must not ignore this point. 
  • You should also focus on structured data markup. With its help, search engines understand the context of your website’s content. If the context of your website is understood properly by the search engine, your content’s chance of finding a place in voice search results will definitely increase. 

Local SEO and voice search

Local SEO and voice search complement each other. For example, if someone searches for the terms “restaurant near me” or “cafe near me” on their mobile phones or smart devices to have lunch or brunch. Then, the websites of only those websites will find a spot on the voice search results that are optimized for it. 

If you have a local brick-and-mortar business and your website isn’t optimized for voice searches, chances are you are losing on a lot of potential business. So, you must focus on local SEO if you want to get a lot more customers and revenue for your product or service-based business. 

Tools for voice search optimization

There are a lot of tools that can be used for voice search optimization. Here is the list you can refer to:-

  • You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush or Ahrefs. With their help, you can do keyword research and find out the phrases that people are searching for. By understanding the search queries, you can write content that is voice search optimized. 
  • Another tool that you must use is AnswerThePublic. By using it, you can find out the questions people are asking about popular topics. This tool will help in your content a lot. 
  • There are a lot of voice search optimization plugins that you can take the benefit of! For instance, you can use plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math to optimize your website’s content for voice search. 


Now, you’re equipped to take your journey forward for your website to do its SEO and optimize it for voice search. This starting point must have provided you with enough knowledge that you can capitalize on to find that sweet spot on the voice search results. 

So, don’t wait anymore and start optimizing your website for voice search along with doing SEO for that specific purpose.