Leica M-11 Launched Today!


Leica has launched its most recent camera, Leica M11 – today at 09:00 EST/14:00 GMT and Friday at 01:00 AEST.

Naturally, we know a great deal concerning the M11. The most recent Leica was the topic of numerous reports and camera speculation since the mid-year period in which its initial release date was November 21, which is a reference to the M11 name of the product and a reference to the initial Leica M9 announcement of 09/09/09.

Since then, we’ve been delving into the information that has escaped the grasp of the maker starting with the first leak of a picture in October 2021 through the video promos that were leaked that featured Leica ambassadors earlier in the month.

Recently, this week, we have complete specifications and pricing information that confirmed it is the Leica M11 that will have a 60.3MP sensor that is equipped to produce three distinct sizes and resolutions thanks to its brand new Maestro III processor: 60.3MP, 36.5MP and 18.8MP.

Full resolution, which means 70-120MB DNG image and the camera has continuous shooting speeds of 3fps when using Continuous Low, or 4.5fps with the Continuous-High option.

Another significant modification is the introduction of an electronic shutter, which is a 1/16000 second cable. However, those who prefer a traditional shutter need not be concerned because the mechanical shutter is available with its shutter speed of 1/4000 sec.

There is speculation that reports of the M11 missing the SD slot is just an untruth, since the specs indicate that it supports as much as 2TB SD cards as well as USB Type-C connectivity. However, it is established that it will come with an internal memory of 64GB and you won’t require an SD card even if you’re not planning to shoot regularly. However, it’s extremely useful in the event that you don’t have the card.

A surprising aspect of the M11 Camera are the fascinating different colours and materials. Silver (or chrome, as it’s commonly called) and black are both listed. However the silver variant will have a full-metal body composed of brass and magnesium and the black version will include aluminium and magnesium and there will be no brass.

Pricing data suggests that you will only have to shell out $400/PS400 more than the M flagship (the Leica M10-R) .The top Leica cameras are expensive but they are able to deliver lots of features and there are many affordable Leicas available as well.

If you’ve got the funds, they have a superior quality. With a remarkable engineering talent by a team of experts who have created the perfect formula for an incredible photographic experience, Leica cameras enjoy an unbeatable image of their photographers. There’s a reason why the famous red dot inspires a lot of respect, even after decades of use.

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