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Microsoft is still working with Microsoft 3D Emoji for Home windows 11


Microsoft’s Emojigate appears to be going to get a new chapter. When Microsoft released Windows 11 last year, many people were disappointed and puzzled over the fact that the operating system could not have Microsoft’s brand new 3D Emojis. There is a possibility that Microsoft could still decide to bring 3D Emojis to Windows 11.

Microsoft is believed to being working on real 3D Emojis to be used in Windows after initially teasing it earlier in the year but only offering 2D versions for Windows 11.

Nando Costa, an eminent designer at Microsoft has recently revealed that the company was trying to make the emojis in Windows 11 look much more 3D. The 2D emoji in Windows 11 might be a temporary feature

This past Friday Costa published a blog article about Microsoft’s new direction for its emoji system describing the company’s move towards 3D following a 2020 hackathon. In response to a tweet by people who want 3D Emojis in Windows 11, Costa says ” We’re working on this,” with a smiley face emoji with sweat.

We don’t know yet what time 3D Emojis will be available within Windows 11, but at the very least Microsoft is striving to bring its original idea to reality.

Microsoft’s Nando Costa tweet

When Microsoft released amazing 3D Emojis and said they would be included in Windows 11, the company unexpectedly changed to the 2D simple design without any explanation.

This was probably due to the fact that the flatter 2D design works well across different applications. There are also technical issues in Windows that Microsoft has to overcome before 3D Emojis are available.

Costa’s website provides additional details about the reasons why Microsoft decided to use human characteristics such as wrinkles and hairstyles in its emojis.

It also explains how they make the emojis pop up in applications such as Microsoft Teams, and how some of its unique designs were created by “the new realities of a workplace that is hybrid.”

Microsoft used tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Figma, Font Lab and more to design its 3D Emoji.