Partanna olive oil

Partanna Olive Oil Review and Find Out Is it Real or Not?



It is now a well established fact that use of authentic olive oil brands is immensely beneficial for health – be it olive oil health benefits, hair, skin, cardiovascular benefits and more. 

The best quality extra virgin olive oil and real olive oil have infinite benefits to the health of an individual.

But the most tricky aspect is to choose the best organic olive oil that is healthy and provides all the olive oil nutritional benefits when cooked. And with no experience choosing best quality olive oil gets even trickier and there chances of getting fooled by fake olive oil brands.

To avoid this, we have provided a detailed partanna olive oil review with partanna Olive oil ratings, details of taste, Aroma, and quality. This will help you make the best olive oil buy.

Partanna Oil

Everything about Partanna

Partanna olive oil is produced by the Asaro brothers olive oil company in Partanna cooperative,Sicily. It is one of the oldest olive oil companies in Italy, having been founded in 1916. 

The company produces a range of olive oils, which are all made from the Nocellara del Belice olive variety.  Marketed as Castelvetrano olives are known for its mild and buttery taste.The oils are produced using traditional Sicilian methods, and the company is committed to sustainability and ethical production. The oils are all cold-pressed and unfiltered, and are produced in small batches to ensure quality. 

All partanna oil products are non-GMO, kosher and chemical-free. 

Now we move towards the olive oil review based on organoleptic characteristics of Partanna Olive Oil.

Let’s dive into Aroma, flavour, taste and olives quality of Partanna

Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Partanna EVOO) and Partanna organic olive oil are manufactured by using Nocellara del Belice olives which are plucked when the olives are fresh green which attributes to quality olive oil and peppery olive oil taste.

The oils are mixed with a strong grassy flavor, with a hint of artichoke in the Partanna Extra virgin Olive Oil. Partanna Olive Oil has an excellent balance of flavors and is a lovely olive oil to cook with. The olive oil is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of dishes. This olive oil is produced in a very traditional way. 

The olives are hand-picked and are then pressed within a few hours of harvest. This helps to ensure that the olive oil is of the best quality and retains its freshness and flavor. The olives are cold-pressed to ensure that the partanna oil is of the best quality possible.

Partanna olive oil has a fruity, green flavor with a slightly spicy finish. Partanna Olive Oil has a pizzicante’ flavor. (Pizzicante is an Italian phrase that describes the strong flavor that grips the back of your throat and is characteristic of most Tuscan olive oils.

Usability of Partanna Olive Oil

 It is ideal for use in salads, pastas, and dips. Partanna is one of the best olive oil to buy.

This olive oil is multipurpose and can be used for sauteing, roasting veggies, and frying.

The USDA partanna organic olive oil is especially popular for marinating and drizzling. It is considered one of the famous and best organic olive oil for marinating.

Nutritional Benefits and Health Benefits : Partanna Olive Oil

This olive oil has a fruity and peppery taste and is a great choice for use in salads and as a dipping oil. Partanna olive oil is also a good choice for use in cooking, as it has a high smoke point and will not impart a strong olive flavor to your food. This olive oil is also a good source of healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants.

For instance, studies have shown that partanna olive oil can help people lose weight. One study showed that those who consumed olive oil lost more weight than those who didn’t.

Partanna Oil is also good for the skin. Olive oil has vitamin A as the antioxidant known to produce sebum that protects skin from bacterial infections.In addition to containing a large amount of healthy fats, olive oil also has a number of other health benefits.

Cost, Convenience, and Packaging

The cost of Partanna Olive oil is affordable and a partanna oil bottle costs around $20. The oil is easily available on Walmart or Amazon where you can get a discount for the olive oil too.

Also mentioned here is the link that directs you to the purchase of Olive oil from Amazon.


Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 34-Ounce



  • Flavor: Pizzicante
  • Certified: Kosher & Non-GMO
  • Liquid Volume: 33.8 Fluid Ounces

Partanna Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with Nocellara del Belice olives also known as Castelvetrano Olives in Sicily, Italy

The Packaging of Partanna Olive oil is a tin with a screw on lid. The tin packaging is a little annoying and the customer reviews believe they prefer a glass bottle and may be in future it can be packed so.The olive oil is a dark green color and has a fruity smell.  So to restore the authentic quality of olive oil, it is advised to store the partanna oil bottle in a cool shade area.

Partanna Olive Oil Customer reviews

Let us start with the overall Partanna Olive Oil rating based on various parameter


Taste/Flavour: 9/10


Convenience/Availability: 8.5/10

Packaging: 7/10

Customer Reviews: 8.5/10

Overall, Partanna Olive Oil was praised for its flavour and authenticity. A little bad reviews when it came to packaging but all the good reviews surpass this little negative point about the olive oil


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Closing Up

We hope this article was helpful and informative, and we encourage you to do your research when it comes to choosing the best olive oil for your needs. If you have any further questions about Partanna olive oil, or any other brand of olive oil for that matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always happy to help!