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Smallest OLED TVs in 2024

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In today’s era, owning a new TV is something everyone desires, but the extravagant prices often deter people from making a purchase. As a result, many individuals opt for smaller OLED screens to enjoy their favourite movies and series in full HD quality without breaking the bank. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, as they say, small is beautiful! However, with so many brands offering various TV options, it can be overwhelming for someone unfamiliar with the industry. But with so many brands of tv options available these days, it can be a little confusing for the uninitiated.Which smallest OLED TV should one pick? What features do they provide? How much does it cost? Additionally, what kind of technology is utilized within them? Enter OLED technology, which stands for organic light-emitting diode, a flat panel display technology found in smartwatches, mobile devices, laptops, computers, televisions, and projectors.

Every TV may look exactly the same, however the technology used to make televisions is totally different.

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) television is a new TV technology which uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce images. The first OLED TVs entered the market in 2013, but they are still too expensive for most consumers.

OLED TVs utilize the technology of emissive, which means that each pixel generates its own illumination. OLED TVs light up each pixel by means of emission technology, which results in an even more striking result.

The top 3 smallest OLED televisions of  lg oled, sony oled tv  and philips oled tv comprising of LG C2 OLED TV 42 inches, Sony BRAVIA XR A90k 42-inches, and Philips 806 OLED TV with 48 inches.

OLED TVs are quickly taking over the market and leading the pack is LG’s Series OLED TV. Boasting high contrast ratio, great viewing angle, energy efficiency, and best in class picture quality, the LG Series could very well be the best TV you will find for under $1000 in Oled tv price. Further sony tvs need no special introduction as they have been reigning the  TV market ever since.

OLED TVs are stunning and are arguably the best for watching movies or playing games. They are the best option if you are a game or movie enthusiast. You can watch your favourite videos with high resolution and superior quality.

Today we will be discussing the smaller OLED TVs, along with their specifications and features.

Smallest OLED TVs

Below are three of the smallest OLED TVs. We will look at each one in depth.

  • lg 42 inch tv – LG C2 OLED TV 42-inches
  • Sony 42 inch tv – Sony BRAVIA XR A90k 42-inches 
  • Philip 48 inch oled – Philips 806 OLED TV 48-inches

1. LG 42-inches C2 OLED TV

Of the many interesting television-related announcements at CES 2023 announcements, the unveiling of 42-inch OLED TV, the  lg oled 2023 could be the most exciting. The cult C series will be the first TV with OLED panels, but lg oled tv could also be viewed it as a huge screen that is high-end.

That’s exactly what makes LG’s 42-inch C2 OLED TV first revealed at the previous year’s CES but delayed due to unidentified reasons, the one that many are looking forward to from tv. LG oled 42 inch will feature the majority of the premium features you’ll find in the larger models of the TV, including HDMI 2.1 ports with a 120 Hz refresh speed and LG’s most recent Alpha 9 Gen 5 Processor 4K.

LG OLED Evo is moving to the C-series. It is brighter, features 4K resolution and is perfect for use as a monitor for a desk as well as the smaller OLED television. LG has considered people with smaller homes and offers the best watches.

The specifications for LG’s C2 42 inch gaming TV include:

Year 2022
Size 42 inches
Design Flat
Marketing Name LED Evo
Special features OLED Evo, Game Optimizer
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Available
USB Ports 3
Technology for Display WOLED Panel, 4k resolution, [4x 2.1 HDMI, Alpha9-5 processor 100/120 Hz frequency. ALLM, CEC, HGiG, HFR HDMI VRR
Audio formats  Speakers, HDMI ARC eARC Dolby Audio
Video formats MPEG4/2, HEVC, VP9,-2, AVI
HDR formats HDR10 HLG, HDR10, Dolby vision HDR10, HLG, IQ
Release Date Unknown (Expected Release Date May 2022)

LG C2 42-inch OLED TV Release Date

The most anticipated LG C2 model is yet to arrive on the market, however it has already gained a lot of attention because of its features and the most sought-after size. The LG 42 inch launch might be delayed but the positive news is that it’s in the works and is anticipated to launch in a month or so. lg oled price is also expected to be nominal.

LG C2 Screen Size

C-series is one of the most popular mainstream lg oled series.

The small 42 inch screen is the most compact WRGB OLED TV yet and will be attractive to gamers and for those who do not have the space for a bigger display.

It is the most sophisticated Alpha 9 generation 5 processor.


LG realizes that the majority of buyers are gamers, and will be using it as a screen so developed smallest lg oled tv

This is the reason LG has designed a pair of feet that hold the OLED higher than the standard slope stand that is used on other c-series OLEDs.

It will also allow you to place the mouse and keyboard underneath the screen.


I’m sure that’ll be discovered after the Oled television model is made available and used by people who will be using it. But LG is known for Oled tv brands and is expected to provide the best quality tvs.

2. Sony Bravia XR A90K 42-Inches

With the recently launched Sony Bravia XR, you will enjoy a full-on gaming experience. Sony bravia oled’s cognitive technology gives you the highest audio and visual quality.

Sony oled offers a broad range of colours and high-definition resolution. It’s the first 42″ OLED TV. XR motion technology allows for smooth and fast-moving motions. It is recommended for use as an ideal desktop monitor. Also available are sony bravia oled 55 and sony 48 oled.

The general specifications of the SONY BRAVIA A90K 42-inch XR gamers TV include:

Year 4 Jan 2022
Size 42-inches
Design Flat stands available
Marketing Name OLED XR42A90K/ Master XR
Special features 178-degree viewing angle Screen mirroring, Mira casting capability, Google TV, Bravia core PS5 comes with Ambient Optimization Pro, IMAX Enhanced
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Available
Wall with the possibility of being able to mount Yes
USB Ports 3
Technology for display WoLED panel, 4K resolution. 2.1 HDMI, Cognitive processor, 120 Hz frequency
Audio formats Acoustic Surface Audio + Acoustic center sync Voice Zoom, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital AC-3, EAC-3 AC-4 DTS
Formats for video Upscaling Dolby vision 4 and IMAX enhanced 5. OLED XR motion MPEG4/2 HEVC V9-2 Decoding of AV1
HDR formats HDR10 HLG, HDR10, Dolby vision

With the recently launched Sony Bravia XR from the wide range of sony tvs, you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience. The Bravia XR’s cognitive intelligence provides the best sound and image quality.

Sony oled televisions offer a broad range of colours and high resolution. It’s the first 42″ OLED TV. XR motion features smooth, fast-moving movements. It is recommended to use it as a monitor on your desktop.

The general specifications of the SONY BRAVIA A90K 42-inch XR TV for gamers include:

Ambient-optimization Pro

This feature of Bravia CAM CMU BC1 is different depending on the region. You will be able to enjoy the best audio from any location. sony bravia xr oled detects your seating location and adjusts the sound accordingly.

Content up-scaling and Voice Zoom of sony bravia tv 42 inch

The sony bravia xr tv A90K, you can watch high-quality video content. Cognitive process technology allows you to recreate the lost texture , and provides an authentic experience.

Its Voice zoom feature improves audio quality, even when it’s hard to hear. There is no need to boost volume.


bravia xr tv features a metal smooth surface that gives you a full immersion experience in your preferred game or movie. As with LG C2, sony bravia oled tv is created with players in mind.

bravia oled is a great choice for a desktop monitor, with stands that are available and flexible positions. It was designed beautifully and released recently, and has hit markets quickly. sony led tv 42 inch has smallest oled monitor

There are reasons to avoid

  • Expensive – sony bravia xr price may seem a little pricey.  But sony oled televisions are well known in top oled tvs

Sony Bravia XR Review

In a nutshell, Sony Bravia 4k OLED is Good but expensive.

3. Philips 806 OLED TV 48-inches

Philips 806 OLED TV is a fifth-generation traditional OLED TV with an amazing image quality. Because of its 48-inch dimension and its incredibly large screen, it is loved by gamers.

Philips 806 features a full resolution of 4k120 Hz and 444-chroma however, it only works the resolution in the monitor mode.

Following LG and Sony 42-inch OLED TVs, this is the most popular choice for smaller living and for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

The general specifications of the Philips 806 OLED TV with 48-inches are:

Year 2021
Size 48-inches
Design Flat stands available
Marketing Name OLED 806
Special features Android TV, Google TV,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Available
Wall with the possibility of being able to mount Yes
USB Ports 3
Technology for display LG panel, 4K resolution. 2.1 HDMI anti-burn, P5 Ai technology 120 Hz frequency
Audio formats Speakers, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, eARC/ARC
Formats for video MPEG4/2, HEVC, VP9,-2, AVI
HDR Formats HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, HDR10+

Anti-burning Technology

Philips 806 has introduced various countermeasures such as the screen saver’s pixel shifting to stop the screen from burning which is the case with several OLED brands. Oled tv burn-in is prevented with this technology.


Philips 806 OLED TV has been designed with beautiful two-toned shades. Philips 806 oled tv has a flat-looking appearance and Philips offers a stand that allows it to be used as a desk display at any time. It is a stylish and elegant design.

There are reasons to avoid

  • Sound quality can be enhanced
  • It is difficult to adjust the pixels and provide the highest screen
  • A complicated menu

Philips 806 oled price is not as expensive as Sony OLED tVs.

Why is OLED Better?

OLED is far superior to LCD because of its high energy efficiency, brighter display, and a higher contrast ratio. oled tv best when  oled features are compared to that of LCD Tvs

However, the cost for OLED screens is higher when compared to LCDs. But, this is predicted to diminish over time.

Benefits of oled tv smallest size

Here are some benefits from OLED TVs:

  • Efficiency in energy: The luminosity that comes with an OLED TV is approximately 1,000 nits, which is more efficacious than LCD (around 200-250nits).
  • Superior picture quality Better picture quality: The image clarity from OLED TVs is far superior than LCD TVs. The picture quality on Oled display tv is sharp and bright. There aren’t grains or dark lines. Its resolution for OLED televisions can be set to 4K and they are compatible with HDR (HDR) formats.Philips 806 OLED TV is designed with stunning two-tone shades. Its design is flat and Philips includes the stands that allow it to be an ideal desktop monitor at any time. It has an elegant and stylish appearance.
  • Higher view angle OLED televisions provide more views than LCDTVs. This means that you can watch movies on a large screen from an extended distance. Its viewing angle for an OLED TV is around 170 degrees, whereas the viewing angle of an LCD TV is approximately 80 degrees. Larger screen size – The main advantage for the OLED TV is the size of its screen.
  • More vibrant color Longer lifespan:Because OLED TVs do not have backlights, there aren’t any burning issues, which means they will last for longer. The display on an OLED TV can last for more than 15 times the time of a similar LCD TV.
  • Higher quality sound: The sound quality of the OLED TV is superior due to the speaker’s design. The speakers of OLED TVs are placed on the side that allows them to be more effective and amplify the sound.
  • Another advantage to OLED TVs is that they don’t get affected by screen burn, which is a typical issue for LCD TVs.
  • Low power consumption OLED TVs consume less power. OLED TVs are smaller than LCDs.

Drawbacks of oled tv smallest size

OLED TVs are not without their drawbacks:

  • Prices higher than LCDs OLED TVs are significantly higher priced than LCD televisions. The cost difference will diminish as time passes.
  • A large display One of the main negatives to OLED TVs is their size. It is difficult to see the large screen from a small distance.
  • Menus that are complicated Some of the most famous companies such as Samsung create an intuitive user interface. Additionally there are numerous issues with the image quality.
  • A challenge to alter pixels and provide the best quality screen This is among the main issues with OLED TVs.

Should you buy the OLED TV?

Yes An OLED TV is a great choice for the office or at home. They have better brightness, contrast and colors over other LED TVs.

If you’re thinking of this option for your home, be sure to do some research regarding the kind of OLED TV that you’re considering.

There are a variety of different kinds of OLEDs and their distinctions are important.

In addition, they have distinct costs. One of the most important things to understand is how much area you would like your OLED television to take up.


What is the smallest size OLED television?

The smallest size OLED television is currently 48 inches.

What is the upcoming OLED TV?

LG’s OLED TV line-up includes new models in the C-, B-, and A-series, as expected. The C3, B3, and A3 models have similar specifications and serve the same purposes as their predecessors. While the C3 is an OLED Evo model, it does not feature the heatsink and new MLA technology found in the G3 model.

Will OLED prices drop in this year?

It is possible that OLED prices may drop in 2024 due to technology advancements and market competition, but it is difficult to predict with certainty.

Can you get small OLED TVs?

Yes, there are small OLED TVs available in the market with screen sizes ranging from 48 inches down to 32 inches.

Does anyone make a 32-inch OLED TV?

Yes, some manufacturers make a 32-inch OLED TV, such as LG Electronics.

Will there be a 32-inch OLED?

There are 32-inch OLED TVs currently available, and it is possible that more models will be released in the future.

Why are there no small OLED TVs?

One reason for the lack of small OLED TVs could be because OLED technology is still relatively expensive to produce compared to other display technologies. Additionally, smaller screen sizes may not offer the same visual benefits of OLED technology as larger screens.

What is the world’s thinnest OLED?

According to Guinness World Records, the world’s thinnest OLED screen was created by LG Display in 2015, with a thickness of just 0.97 millimeters.

What is the smallest C1 OLED?

The smallest C1 OLED model currently available is the 48-inch version.


Due to the high demand, many of the smaller OLED TVs are now hitting the market with the most recent and modern technology and resolutions.

OLED screens are now the latest trend. They’re much more energy efficient than LCDs they also have a higher contrast ratio, and offer an enhanced color.

There are many aspects that affect the cost of OLED TVs. OLED TV. This includes the dimensions of the screen as well as the resolution.

The best choice is to purchase an OLED TV once it is accessible at a lower cost.

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