Python tops TIOBE index

Python is the TIOBE’s programming language for 2021


TIOBE, an organization that measures quality of software with its headquarters in the Netherlands is a company that produces an annual index of top languages around the world for those who aren’t familiar with. It’s based upon the volume of results for programming languages on various search engines.

These results can be calculated using various services such as Google, Sohu, Amazon,  Wikipedia, and QQ. TIOBE produces these monthly ratings with the “+” language> programming” query, and a particular formula. Learn more about the whole process through this link.

TIOBE Index has named Python as the programming language of the year.The increase in rating between years determines the language used in programming for the year. Python was able to beat C# with 0.13 percent, making it a nearly shootout.

The second year in succession, Python has been crowned the best programming software language for the year, according to the software quality firm TIOBE. The news was announced in the January issue of the well-known index of programming communities which serves to be the “indicator of the popularity of programming languages”.

Python winning the title yet again does not come as any big surprise, given that the language got to the very top of the rankings in October and has remained at the top place from the beginning. In addition, the latest edition of the ranking has Python much more than 1 percent ahead of C in the second position (with an increase of 4.94 percent) There isn’t any real threat from any other brand newcomers to the market.

However, the CEO of the company Paul Jansen proclaimed C# to be the most likely choice to see the biggest rating increase in just one year, just this month. The final result of C#’s 1.73 percent increase in 2021 wasn’t enough with Python’s 1.86 percent growth however. So C# finishes this year at 5th place exactly as it was prior to that, with no winning streaks included.

Overall, there was not a amount of change within the top seven of Python, C, Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic as well as JavaScript within the index this year. Beyond that, things started to get more intriguing there was a lot of movement in the Assembly languages, SQL as well as Swift made progress towards in the Top 10, Kotlin moved from #40 to #29 and Go made gains in number 14 to number 13.

The January edition of PYPL puts Python as the most popular and is followed by Java, JavaScript, C/C++, C#, PHP, R, Objective-C, Swift and TypeScript. Calculations are based on the amount of tutorials in a specific language found on Google. It’s not the most accurate way to measure it but combining this information together with the TIOBE numbers could be helpful to make technical decisions.

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The index does not reveal any programming language that is most efficient or the most efficient and does not quantify the amount of code written using that language on the web. There is no hiding that the TIOBE index has come under some criticism for its limitations, particularly because it employs one query, and is not able to handle non-English languages. As per the TIOBE group it’s trying to include more variables to the formula for rating.