Twitter NFT hexagon profile

Twitter launches hexagon-shaped NFT profile pictures but there is a catch!


Twitter users can verify their Hexagon-shaped NFT profile pictures, but only if they sign up for its premium Blue service.

Twitter has launched a new feature to assist owners of non-fungible tokens, (NFTs), who are unique digital assets often linked with cartoon artwork.

This allows them to identify themselves on the platform. Instead of the circular window that Twitter uses, the social network will identify NFT owners with a hexagonal profile picture.

However, there is a catch. The new service will only be available to subscribers to Twitter’s premium Blue Service. Twitter launched the service to a mixed reception in June.

Twitter’s new NFT-verified photo service was announced on Thursday. A video explains how Twitter Blue subscribers, who pay $3 per month, can unlock the hexagonal frame. The subscriber can now link their picture with a crypto wallet to use any NFT from that wallet as a profile photo.

A new feature was announced by Twitter that enables users to show off their NFTs in a profile photo with a hexagonal shape. All you need to do is verify your address and connect your crypto wallet. Your current and historic crypto wallet transactions, holdings and NFTs will be linked to your Twitter account.

This feature is only available to Twitter Blue subscribers who have access to Blue’s early Access Labs feature. The Twitter Blue subscription was launched in select markets recently. Those who purchased it now have access to premium features such as NFT profile pictures.

This micro-blogging website is the first to release NFT for iOS users. In the near future, it will be available for both Android and web users. However, all users of Twitter will be able to check out the hexagon-shaped photo that was uploaded by iOS users.

Blue is not available worldwide and is only available in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This also limits the use of NFT Profile Pictures.

Twitter currently supports several crypto wallets. Users can connect to their accounts and verify their NFT tokens using these wallets. These wallets include Argent and Trust Wallet. If you do not wish to have NFT displayed as your profile photo, users will be able to remove it. To do this, you will need to update your profile picture.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you set up an NFT profile photo.

Twitter states on a FAQ page that it will not request funds from your cryptocurrency wallet. Users should be vigilant and ensure that they check any incoming requests to their wallets. Avoid unidentified transfer requests.

Further, the company states that it will not request your private key and/or seed phrase. You should also avoid sharing your private keys and seed phrases anywhere, even on Twitter.

Twitter stated that although we won’t keep a connection with your crypto wallet, it will store your public address in order to make sure that it holds the NFT you have set as your profile photo.