Best Vizio TVs of 2022 Vizio TV Reviews Features

Best Vizio TVs of 2024: Vizio TV Reviews & Features

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If you’re looking for the top Vizio television, it’s simple to understand why they are an extremely popular brand. In terms of television they provide the most efficient performance for the price.

While Vizio might not be regarded for its top-performing TVs around all of the globe, it is possible to enjoy a top 4K TV for quite a less money, without sacrificing image quality or performance.

The downside can be that Vizio Televisions offer a streamlined smart TV experience, and do not include complicated features such as smart home control , or the latest technology for tuners.

If you’re not able to live without them and other features, then you don’t need to shell out an arm and a leg to purchase an excellent 4K TV. But you are okay to let go of the mentioned features then you over here will find a variety of Vizio TVs making our top TVs for under $1000 and top TVs under $500. Regardless of your budget there’s a Vizio TV to suit your needs. 

Line Up of Vizio Tvs

Vizio’s line-up is quite simple and includes limited models, but they’ve made a few changes which can be confusing. The entry-level 4K TV model is V Series, while the D Series has 1080p or 720p options. The higher end models include the middle-of-the-road M Series Quantum, P Series Quantum and, finally the top model, the P Series Quantum X.

In most cases, it’s not clear from the model’s name which year it’s coming from unless stated, however the model codes help make it clearer. For instance, 2021 TVs have J for the model codes. Likewise, the 2020 models use H.The 65-inch and 75-inch P-Series Quantum as well as 85-inch P-Series Quantum X along with OLED TVs continue to be available until 2023.

Vizio is among the few brands of budget-conscious TV to launch the OLED TV, and its H1 (available in 55and 65-inch sizes) cut above from competitors like LG as well as Sony in terms of price when it first launched. (The existing H1 models remain part of the Vizio TV series. )But this year there’s no brand new OLED TV release on its cards, although it created a lot of buzz at its launch and was one of the best selling models.

The brand new 2024 collection is driven by the M-Series Quantum 4K. Available in 75 inch, 65- inch and 50-inch versions, the TV comes with Dolby Vision HDR10 Plus, four-channel gaming at 120Hz, AMD FreeSync Premium, VRR, and many more. It’s backlight system that is full-array includes up 32 dimming zones. This is normal dimming that is local but not Mini LED and the peak brightness can go as high as 1,000 nits.

Move away from the M-Series, and you are given the V-Series. The V505-J09 was the top one TV with 4K in the US in the first quarter of 2018, as per NPD Group, so it’s an important product line for Vizio. The 2024 V-Series begins at $289.99.

The company says that every model has 4K resolution and full-array local dimming and compatibility with Dolby Vision as well as HDR10 Plus. Below there you will find an option called the Full HD D-Series, which is available in smaller sizes that range between 24 and 43 inches.

For all of these new televisions Vizio promises “lightning-quick” navigation for its SmartCast software due to a brand new processor within. Wi-Fi 6E is a feature in all of the M-Series and V-Series to provide more reliable streaming as well. Vizio continues to provide a wide range of third-party apps like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s AirPlay 2, HomeKit, Google Assistant. and Chromecast.

What are the top Vizio TVs?

The model that is our absolute favorite of this selection is the Vizio OLED television. Although it’s a bit older and less expensive, it’s one of the top value options on the market with stunning OLED quality at an incredibly low cost which can be further down during sales of major importance.

If OLED isn’t enough for you and you’re looking for a cheaper option, both Vizio V-Series and M-Series models are an excellent value. They are a solid choice for 4K as well as a dependable way of delivering a smart television experience. You don’t need to compromise on Netflix as well as HBO Max to save on the latest smart TVs as Vizio V-Series is the proof of that.

There’s also the D-Series for those who only need 1080p resolution and don’t want to spend too much on it.

OLED Vizio TV Reviews

OLED technology provides TVs with functionally unlimited contrast levels, resulting in the most pure blacks you can see anywhere. On this front, the Vizio OLED 55 H1 does not disappoint and can render precise spaces as well as its Netflix splash screen with remarkable clarity. To achieve this stunning effect, however, you’ll need to be willing to compromise some light to non-OLED TVs.

This was especially evident with the 6-Series TCL Roku TV (R635), which increases both brightness and colors with QLED technology and we could see the effect in SDR as well as HDR mode. This shouldn’t be an issue when you own an OLED TV however, it’s something worth keeping in your mind. You’ll also appreciate the image quality.

The flaws with the image quality are not significant and, given this price, completely acceptable. In our tests, we were able to fill the room with music and movie audio at 35 dB and lower. The walls didn’t shake and the sound was clear, but in the event that you don’t need that, the sound quality of the OLED55H1 will not disappoint.

Vizio TV reviews in detail

In today’s Vizio TV review blog, I’ll go over the important details that are important to know prior to buying a new TV. Let’s determine if this company is really worth the investment.

1. Vizio OLED TV

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Amazing OLED quality at an affordable cost

Features of Vizio OLED TVs

The Vizio OLED TV is a value monster that delivers all the high-end features you would are used to from OLED but without the price tag. This Vizio OLED gives premium picture quality at a fraction of the cost of other models and offers outstanding sound and a higher than average bass.

Vizio SmartCast has also been shaped to be a solid smart TV platform with a wide range of apps and integrated capabilities for Google Chromecast and AirPlay. Its Vizio OLED television is among the top 4K TV options available and is definitely the best price for an OLED TV.

Let’s see the top features, specifications, and pros and cons.

Available Screen Sizes: 55 and 65 Inches
Type: OLED
Refresh Rate: 120
HDMI ports: 4 HDMI
Size: 48.3 30.6 x 30.6 * 2.2 inches
Weight: 44.9 pounds
  • The OLED’s price is low.
  • Overall, strong audio and picture quality
  • SmartCast offers a variety of intelligent features
  • The gaming performance may be better
  • A clumsy stand

2. Vizio P-Series Quantum X

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An ultra-bright, ultra-big 4K TV

P-Series Quantum X Vizio TV Reviews

It’s Vizio P-Series Quantum X  is a premium 4K television that combines the top Vizio display technology into one massive 65-inch, 75-inch, or 85-inch box, and delivers what it promises. With a blinding brightness, a dazzling colour, and other important improvements from previous P-Series Quantum sets, it does not have much to complain about.

As long as you have the money to pay for it, have the space for it to operate to its full power, and you will be able to survive without support for 8K for the time being. This isn’t expensive, and despite the fact that it’s among the top televisions on the market, it’s risky.

Screen Sizes: Available 85 inches
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
HDMI ports: 4 HDMI
Size: 42.6 7.4 x 74.5 inches x 3.3 inches
Weight: 100.8 pounds
  • Strong picture quality
  • Good gaming features
  • Improved remote control
  • Mediocre sound
  • So, off-angle viewing

3. Vizio V-Series (2021 Model)

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The best deal of the year at any time of the year

V series Vizio TV Reviews

Vizio’s cheapest 4K smart TV gives you more for your buck than before, thanks to three HDMI 2.1 ports and support for advanced features such as variably-refresh rates (VRR) as well as voice controls, as well as Dolby Vision as well as HDR10 Plus two HDR formats that you’ll rarely see available on the same television.

This isn’t a perfect television, however, and there are a few sacrifices to get the price that is affordable, including uninspiring backlights for low quality and HDR performance as well as mediocre (though extremely high-quality) audio. However, with the most advanced version of Vizio’s SmartCast software, and a limited range of well-known applications, it can be among the top TVs at this price, and even the biggest model costing less than $1,000, and with the majority of screens available for less than $500.

Let’s see some specifications, Pros, and cons.

Screen Sizes: Available including 43, 50, 58, 65 70, and 75 inches.
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
HDMI ports: HDMI 2.1 (1 eARC)
Size: 49.1 x 28.5 x 3.4 inches
Weight: 30.1 pounds
  • Affordable
  • Low the time to lag
  • There are lots of adjustments that can be made.
  • Low brightness.
  • Poor HDR performance.
  • A bit slow interface

4. Vizio M Series

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M Series Vizio TV Reviews

The Vizio M Series is a 4K UHD TV that provides stunning image quality, an extensive variety of features, as well as an impressive processor for gaming. Vizio has been a TV maker for more than 20 years and you can rely on Vizio when it comes down to high-end quality. This model, the M Series, is packed with top of the line features.

The first thing to note is that this TV is HDR10 compatible which is a brand new norm to HDR (High Dynamic Range).HDR is an upgraded version of HDTV that offers higher contrast and a greater colour spectrum, meaning that colours appear more natural and vibrant.

The TV also comes with FreeSync. It’s a technology developed by AMD that allows you to synchronize the display’s refresh rate to the speed of refresh on your graphic card.
This allows you to play games with high frame rates with no delays or stuttering.

The M Series also has a variety of speakers which include a subwoofer as well as 7.2-channel surround sound as well as Dolby Atmos. It can also support Dolby Vision as well, which lets you enjoy the same quality of picture that you can enjoy with HDR with 4K UHD.

If you’re looking for the highest quality of the picture as well as surround sound and the fastest processor purchase this TV. You’ll be happy when you purchase this TV.

Let’s see some specifications, Pros, and cons.

Screen sizes: 50”, 55”, 58”, 65”, 70”, 75”
The Backlight design: Active Full Array LED
Resolution: 4K UHD
Gaming Technology: ProGaming Engine with 4K60 FPS
Picture Display Processor: IQ Active Processor
Connectivity: 4. HDMI 2.1 including eARC
Peak Brightness: up 700 nits
  • Good colour and contrast
  • Comprehensive smart TV features
  • Excellent Viewing angles
  • Televisions are sometimes not responsive.

5. Vizio D Series

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D Series Vizio TV Reviews

If you’ve got an intelligent home, this is an excellent TV option as it is compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control. This TV offers a stunning image, excellent audio, and an affordable cost. The LED backlight that is full array provides clear images with vivid colours as well as deep blacks. You can change the image to suit your preferences using the Smart TV interface or the TV remote.

The VIZIO D-Series is also one of the most reliable televisions to play games on because of its V-Gaming Engine as well as Variable Refresh Rate support. This gives you the best experience when playing your most loved games. It can also be used to serve as a TV as a set-top-box to play music, movies, and others.
Although it does not have the advanced functions of the Vizio P-Series, the D-Series isn’t equipped with an audio remote, which is one of the drawbacks of the line.

Vizio’s D-Series is a fantastic camera with great sound and at a reasonable price. It’s ideal for those who wish to stream, play games or stream movies, and much more. It includes all the best features.

Let’s see some specifications and pros and cons.

Screen sizes: 24”, 32”, 40”, 43”inch
Backlight Design: Full-Array LED
Resolution: HD
Gaming Technologies: V Gaming Engine
Image Display Processor: IQ Display Processor
Connectivity Technology: 2. HDMI 2.1 and ARC
Maximum Brightness: up 200 nits (full screen)
  • Good picture quality, Fair price
  • Fantastic color palette
  • Connectivity to Smart TV
  • There is no remote for Voice included.


Why are Vizio TVs so cheap?

Smart TVs can be purchased at or at a cost-effective price to consumers due to the fact that Vizio can profit from these TVs by collecting data as well as advertising and selling direct-to-consumer entertainment (movies and so on).

Who owns Vizio TV? Vizio Television brand?

U.S. Vizio Inc. (stylized as VIZIO) is an American public company that manufactures and sells sound bars, televisions viewers’ data, as well as advertising. The company was established in 2002 and is located within Irvine, California.

Can you tell me about the most common issues with Vizio TVs?

Although they are advanced devices, Vizio TVs sometimes fail to function, and you’ll encounter a variety of issues when using the devices. A lot of Vizio TV user complaints revolve around the display moving constantly, SmartCast failing to load and the TV is turned on, but not showing any pictures.

Is Vizio TVs an excellent brand?

In general, Vizio TVs are very priced and feature excellent image quality. But, they lack the same high-end quality as other brands. Their OS is sometimes slow and isn’t as well-equipped as their competitors and they often have numerous bugs in their televisions that could even worsen over time.

1. VIZIO Vs Samsung

The majority of the time, premium Samsung televisions surpass Vizio TVs, but they cost more. Certain people may not be a fan of Vizio’s SmartCast platform due to it having numerous bugs. Samsung televisions tend to be more flexible when it comes to options that offer broad viewing angles, and they also tend to be more vibrant.

2. VIZIO Vs Sony

Contrary to Sony, Vizio provides low-cost TVs that offer excellent value. Sony TVs tend to be brighter and more polished in their build. Additionally, their Google-powered clever features come with Vizio’s Chromecast capabilities, and many more. Sony TVs tend to be more expensive, which means they’re not the ideal choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Customer Reviews in the Nutshell

Its Vizio OLED is an impressive model overall. It has perfect blacks, and when compared with other Vizio televisions we’ve examined it has no issues scaling content that is lower in resolution.

The most popular of them all is those from the Vizio P-Series, but you’ll be paying more for the features the premium models have to offer. They’re excellent TVs with features such as QLED displays as well as up to 210 separate areas for dimming HDMI 2.1 capabilities, games enhancements such as the variable rate of refresh (VRR) or auto low latency modes (ALLM) and an anti-glare IPS panel with broad viewing angles. The only issue? This is also one of the most expensive TVs that Vizio manufactures and the price to value ratio may be a bit limiting if you compare other brands offering similar costs.

Vizio M-Series models hit the perfect balance between quality and cost, offering quantum dots with local dimming at very affordable costs. However, the M-Series is divided into two models: MQ7 and MQ6. The MQ6 is cheaper however, it is missing many of the top features, such as local dimming. The MQ7 On the other hand, can provide up to 32 zones for dimming.

The value-oriented V-Series provides excellent quality and value. It’s worth noting that they are definitely not low-cost televisions. There’s no local dimming or HDR support, and you’ll have to sacrifice quantum dot enhancement, and you’ll not enjoy great sound without the soundbar. But the V-Series offers features like ALLM as well as VRR and voice control via the brand new voice-controlled remote. If you’re looking to spend less, this is an excellent smart TV with a 4K resolution.

Then, there’s the D-Series. We do not suggest the 720p and 1080p models as primary television, but if you need something smaller and less expensive. It’s a cost-effective method of fitting an intelligent TV in the space of a smaller one.


In general Vizio TVs offer excellent picture quality and are priced reasonably and offer an excellent value for the quality. However, there are often many bugs with their televisions, so you should be prepared to deal with that should you decide to purchase a Vizio. Their intelligent platform leaves plenty to be desired, however, and some users might consider switching to a set-top box such as one Roku as well as an NVIDIA Shield TV.

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