Why Boycott Hyundai is Trending in India, What is The Actual Matter?


Boycott Hyundai is a trending hashtag; Hyundai, an automobile company, became trending on Twitter today with the hashtag #BoycottHyundai in response to a tweet from Hyundai Pakistan. The tweet said, “Let’s remember the sacrifice of our Kashmiri brother and stand in support of them as they fight for freedom.” On February 5, the company tweeted the same message.

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Why Boycott Hyundai is trending in India?

The controversial tweet read, “Let us remember the sacrifice of our Kashmiri brothers and stand in support as they continue the struggle for freedom.” The tweet also had the hashtag #KashmirSolidarityDay.

Hyundai Pakistan’s social networks handle shared posts on February 5 in solidarity to the “Kashmiri brothers”, in their “struggle for freedom”. Pakistan observes February 5th as “Kashmir Solidarity Day” to support the separatist movement of Kashmir.

hyundai pakistan
The posts on social media were later deleted.

However, India’s #BoycottHyundai trend started on Twitter. Many people criticized the company’s social media posts regarding ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day.

The Korean carmaker had earlier reported that January domestic sales were down 15% to 44,022 units, as compared with 52,005 units in February 2021. It is said that they sold almost 5,05,000 cars in India in the financial year 2021, whereas their sales in Pakistan were 8000 cars. It added fuel to the fire that their sales in India are much more than in Pakistan.

Due to the semiconductor crisis, Hyundai had sold 32.312 PVs in China by December 2021.

Hyundai India responded to the controversy by stating that it would stand firm for its “strong spirit of respecting nationalism”

“The uninvited post on social media linking Hyundai Motor India and India offends our unparalleled service and commitment to this great country.” India is second to Hyundai and we have a zero-tolerance approach to insensitive communication. This statement was strongly condemned.

The Indian Twitter response to Hyundai Pakistan’s social media post is;

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