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Worst Gaming Keyboards You Should not Buy

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to enjoy games or increase your typing abilities The worst gaming keyboards can ruin both.

With the many choices and switches in the marketplace, it’s easy to become confused when purchasing the latest gaming keyboard.

Therefore, you need to be aware of what are the worst gaming PC brands, keyboards, mouse, etc. Before you purchase make sure you check our list of the worst keyboards you must beware of to play your favorite games.

1. CORSAIR K68 RGB Gaming Keyboard

This Corsair mechanical keyboards are the worst gaming keyboards in the market. However, it is still among the most highly rated keyboards available. It has Cherry MX Red switches and IP32 classified spill and dust protection to protect against accidental accidents. The majority of people pick this keyboard mainly due to its key feedback being linear and water resistance.

What are the reasons to avoid it?

The biggest issue we’ve identified with this worst keyboard is the poor construction quality. The keyboard is made of cheap plastic components that aren’t durable enough to last long. Additionally it is also not waterproof enough. IP32 waterproof protection will only safeguard the keyboard from accidental spills.

In addition keys are also so loose that you are able to take them off without any tool to pull them out. They are very delicate and cheap, which can lead to accidental press when you type or play. Additionally the switches are so loud and could ruin the typing experience.

The keyboard lets you modify its lighting effects and remap keys with the CORSAIR iCUE software, however, it doesn’t have onboard memory. Therefore, each time you close your computer the keyboard will be reset to its default configuration of a rainbow-colored pattern. Additionally, it doesn’t offer all the customization options that gamers require.

Furthermore, the keyboard is priced too high. After going through the entire specifications, it doesn’t seem as a great deal to me. It’s more beneficial to avoid this keyboard.

2. AnnE PRO 2 Mechanical Keyboard

The Anne Pro 2 is a slim gaming keyboard that has a beautiful minimalist design. It’s an 60% keyboard that does not need a lot of desk space. It uses it’s Gateron along with the Kailh Box RGB switch for long-lasting durability and the best typing experience. Additionally, it has The Per-Key RGB Backlighting feature, which allows users to enjoy the ultimate backlight customization.

Additionally, connect the keyboard to your laptop or computer using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless or wired USB type-c connection. The Bluetooth connectivity option lets you to connect up four devices at once and seamlessly switch back.

What are the reasons to avoid it?

The most frequent issue users face with this worst keyboard is Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth connection to this keyboard is more sluggish than wired connections. You will be experiencing lagging and low delay with this keyboard which can be extremely frustrating for gamers. But you can eliminate this issue by using USB type-C at all times but it’s not an option.

Another disadvantage of the keyboard does not come with Cherry MX switches, which isn’t acceptable when you take into account its cost. In addition, customizing the keys isn’t an easy job. It takes a lot of time to personalize every key using an ObnisKit Console. Furthermore, its RGB lighting is inconsistent and are not bright enough.

If you’re looking at the price, there are more suitable alternatives that are available for this price. In light of all the negatives and cons that you must avoid buying it.

3. Razer DeathStalker Gaming Keyboard

It is the Razer DeathStalker is among the worst gaming keyboards in the market. It is a gaming-style membrane keyboard that is fully programmed with thin chiclet keycaps that provide lower force of actuation and quicker response. Keycaps that are 2mm tall allow your fingers to swiftly move between keys, giving you a better experience when typing.

It has 10 key rollovers to record all keystrokes precisely and swiftly. Additionally, it comes with Razer’s anti-ghosting capability to ensure that each command is performed correctly. With the Razer Synapse 2.0 it’s able to connect to a cloud server, allowing users to save their settings in the cloud and modify them from any location.

What are the reasons to avoid it?

Razer is among the most reputable brands in the field of keyboards and other peripherals, but its Razer DeathStalker keyboard isn’t adequate. The keyboard is nice looking with the standard green backlight, but the quality of construction feels cheap. You’ll feel some stretch when you press it from the middle.

Keys that look like Chiclet aren’t very robust and provide an edgier keyboard experience. The keys are smooth and flat that can cause misclicks while gaming. Fingerprints can also get stuck to the keyboard, and can feel difficult to type or play.

Additionally, this keyboard could be a great option for typing, but it’s not advised for gaming in any way. In addition, the fixed wristrest is made of glossy plastic, which can cause your palms to sweat and uncomfortable when playing. If you’re gaming, then be wary of this.

4. Logitech G513 Carbon

It is the Logitech G513 is a gaming mechanical keyboard with a variety of sophisticated features, all in a sleek and elegant style. It is equipped with GX Brows switches for gamers who want pleasant tactile feedback. Additionally, it has a convenient USB pass-through port, which allows you to connect your mouse, flash drive or mobile.

Through Lightsync technology Lightsync software, you are able to modify the keyboard’s RGB backlights based on an array comprising 16.8 million hues. You can control the lighting and media with the FN and F keys. However, for more advanced customization or gameplay mode, you’ll need use the Logitech G’Hub software.

What are the reasons to avoid it?

The keyboard is extremely robust, however, the keys are extremely sensitive. A lot of gamers have noticed how the keyboard keys can be extremely sensitive that they trigger lots of misclicks during playing, which makes it extremely uncomfortable. Additionally, you don’t have any dedicated macro or media keys in this worst keyboard.

Additionally, the keyboard can be customized using software like the Logitech G-Hub software which is not user-friendly and requires time to master. Keyboards can be stained and fingerprints. Therefore, users should wash the keyboard keys frequently.

Furthermore, the general performance of Logitech is very impressive, but the price is rather high. You should avoid these worst gaming keyboards and focus on some good keyboards.

Some recommendations for the Best Gaming Keyboards

Kraken Pro 60 - BRED Edition 60% Mechanical Keyboard RGB Gaming Keyboard (Silver Speed Switches)
  • Kraken Pro 60 Works on PC, XBOX, PS4
  • SILVER SPEED SWITCHES are EXTREMELY fast giving you the advantage in video games!
  • Fully Customizable RGB (Lighting Effects)
  • POPULAR Black and Red Keyboard Colors!
Logitech G PRO X Keyboard - SHROUD Edition
  • Play like legendary sharpshooter Shroud with the new PRO Series - Shroud edition, featuring an exclusive new design
  • Designed with pros and engineered to win, the PRO X Keyboard was built with and for esports athletes for competition-level performance, speed and precision
  • Ultra-portable compact ten keyless design frees up table space for mouse movement. It’s easy to pack up and transport to tournaments
  • Use LIGHTSYNC to highlight keys and program static lighting patterns to onboard memory for tournament systems that don’t allow G HUB installations *
  • Detachable Micro USB cables feature a three-pronged design for an easy, secure connection and safe transport in your travel bag
Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard: Fast Keyboard Switches - Clicky Optical Switches - Chroma RGB Lighting - Magnetic Plush Wrist Rest - Dedicated Media Keys & Dial - Classic Black
  • Faster Than Legacy Mechanical Switches: Razer Optical switches use light-based actuation, registering key presses at the speed of light (30% shorter actuation distance than other clicky switches at 1.5 millimeter) with satisfying, clicky feedback
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30 plus partners; supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys
  • Quality, Aluminum Construction: Covered with a matte, aluminum top frame for increased structural integrity. Keycaps-Regular ABS
  • Ergonomic, Magnetic Wrist Rest: Made of plush leatherette to maximize comfort over extended gaming sessions (with built-in underglow lighting)
  • Fully Programmable Macro Support: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands
HyperX Alloy Origins 60 - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Ultra Compact 60% Form Factor, Double Shot PBT Keycaps, RGB LED Backlit, NGENUITY Software Compatible - Linear HyperX Red Switch
  • [Petite 60% form factor]: Free up more room for your mouse with this supremely compact keyboard.
  • [Full aircraft-grade aluminum body]: The aluminum casing keeps the keyboard structurally sound and stable when the action gets intense.
  • [Double shot PBT keycaps with side printing]: The keycaps are designed with durable PBT material that is resistant to wear, friction, and solvents. Secondary functions are printed on the sides of the keycaps for quick recognition.
  • [HyperX Mechanical switches]: Custom-designed HyperX key switches are balanced for speed and accuracy. They’re also reliable, rated for 80 million keypresses with no loss of quality.
  • [RGB backlit keys with radiant lighting effects]: Get brighter, more luminous RGB lighting, thanks to the exposed LED design of the HyperX mechanical switches.
Alienware Low-Profile RGB Gaming Keyboard AW510K: Alienfx Per Key RGB LED - Media CONTROLS & USB Passthrough - Cherry MX Low Profile Red Switches
  • Featuring the latest generation low-profile Cherry MX keys for better control with quick and smooth triggering
  • Fully customizable with AlienFX per-key RGB lighting which allows you to choose from up to 16 8 million colors per Key
  • Slim profile for enhanced ergonomics new generation iconic Alienware design
  • Fully programmable keys for macros and key assignment with N-key rollover
  • Durable 5000 Series aluminum construction for complete robustness and reliability.Integrated USB pass-through and dedicated Audio control with sound roller for fast & accurate adjustability.Cherry MX low profile Red switches AlienFX per Key RGB Backlighting 5000 Series aluminum construction dedicated volume control integrated USB pass-through braided 2M cable

There are a lot of gaming keyboards on the market these days, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. In this article, we explore some of the worst gaming keyboards on the market and why you should avoid them. If you’re in the market for a gaming keyboard, be sure to check out our recommendations to find the best one for you.

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