YouTube App On Android & iOS Makes Watching Videos Easier With New UI Refresh


YouTubers, the video player that is the most widely used video streaming application is receiving a fresh design 

New interfaces are now available on equally iOS along with Android apps, and will facilitate navigation easier on video. YouTube App on Android and iOS is getting a makeover.

The new video interface on YouTube will viewers to easily read comments, comments, or like or dislike the clip, and share a video on gmail

We are celebrating, YouTubers – the video player in the world’s most widely used streaming application is getting a fresh appearance. 

The new interface is compatible with users of both iOS as well as Android apps, and will make navigation through the video more intuitive.

The updated interface for YouTube videos YouTube will make it easier to read comments, like or disapprove of the content, and share the video.

In the past, the features were hidden in a swipe-up gesture. The new interface modernizes these features to make them easier to access.

Significant, but subtle changes to the YouTube app On Android & iOS

Be aware that these changes are only obvious when you’re viewing in full-screen, or landscape mode. If you’re watching videos in landscape mode on YouTube the video will look pretty much identical.

A majority of viewers watched in portrait mode since it made accessing functions within the app easier.

Do you remember having to go back to view comments or send a link to the YouTube video? These days are gone. The new update will allow you to do these things regardless of the screen size.

The majority of users read the comments. If you’re like us you’ll find it more convenient when you use landscape mode.

The new interface started being released on Monday for the two platforms, iOS as well as Android.

It was also possible to access it through the YouTube app for Android. The app is slowly, but steadily becoming available to users of YouTube. Have you not yet seen it? But don’t fret, it’s likely already on its way to you.