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BharatPe’s and Boat’s Founders fuel the Shark Tank meme explosion

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Memes inspired by Shark Tank India take over social media, propelling judges into the celebrity realm

Did you watch Shark Tank India memes first or did you watch the show? We pretty have an answer for that

Memes that are based on the reality show for business which features entrepreneurs who are aspiring to make presentations to a panel composed of angel investors also known as “sharks,” have become the norm on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram during the last month, even when the show grew in the popularity.

The show’s final episode airs Friday the show will leave behind a trail of memes which have brought its judges – including founders of a few of the nation’s most profitable companies a fresh sense of fame and celebrity experts in digital media and marketing have said.

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The meme-making machine of the program has prompted Gen Z digital creators to share re-enactments of sharks, and has spawned more than 12 fan pages of memes that are on Shark Tank on Instagram alone A quick search of the photo or video app will reveal.

Brands such as Zomato,, and even MyGov, the citizen engagement platform run by Government, have utilized the show’s memes for marketing and messaging applications like WhatsApp have been trending GIFs on sharks.

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The biggest boost for memes comes directly from sharks according to experts. They are sharing memes and following back meme pages and even collaborating with meme creators and artists to use the momentum to benefit and build personal brand.

The Sharks featured in season 1 include are BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover, Boat co-founder Aman Gupta, Emcure executive director of Namita Thapar, People Group founder Anupam Mittal, Lenskart cofounder Peyush Bansal, Mamaearth cofounder Ghazal Alagh and Sugar cosmetics cofounder Vineeta.

For sharks, resharing and promoting memes is also a method to increase your “public profiles” beyond the show after the show ends.

“Although Grover’s dismissiveness of ideas brings back memories of the skeptical uncle in their families and the frequent use of “yeh meri expertise Nahi Hai” by Thapar resulted in being the basis for one of the most loved memes of the show”

Thapar said.


“All people have a distinct image of ourselves based on who we are and some things have been revealed and were a hit for different sharks, based on how people perceive them. very aggressive or even a likable, relaxed, next-door neighbor,” one of the sharks from the show said to ET about the origins of memes.

As Aman Gupta, Grover, Anupam Mittal, and Namita Thapar have become popular due to their humor and personality, Lenskart’s Bansal has gained respect for its support of social impact companies.

They (sharks) will be trying to capitalize on that and increase their visibility on social media platforms in order to gain money earned through social media.

“When the (young) individuals see that sharks are engaging in this kind of humor it creates a great image of sharks” added Poddar who makes use of memes to discuss startups as well as internships, finance, and other topics on the professional network platform

According to IndianMemeTemplates which is one of the biggest collections that contains Indian memes Shark Tank India meme templates were downloaded more than 60,000 times on the site between January 8 to 31.

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