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Best Apple Watch deals in January 2022


You’re thinking of purchasing the latest Apple Watch to help you to achieve your New Year’s fitness resolutions? Get the best Apple Watch deals.

Apple recently launched its latest and most advanced smartwatch, that is the Apple Watch Series 7 that has a bigger display and faster charging capabilities. It’s possible to buy an Apple Watch from the series 7 models however, new technology always comes with a price. Not much of a difference but Apple’s latest smart watch features an improved display, and some improvements in durability, but it’s mostly similar to the existing Apple Watches.

Apple Watch deals can save you hundreds of dollars when you buy a new smartwatch. While it’s not one of the most sought-after smartwatches but the deals are tempting. There are many Apple Watch deals that can cut between $30 and $200 off the top-selling Apple Watches. 

In addition the Presidents Day sales are just around the corner. We’re sure to witness additional Apple Watch price drops in the next few days.

Apple currently offers three distinct versions of Apple Watch:

  • Apple Watch Series 3 (starting at $199)
  • Apple Watch SE (starting at $279)
  • Apple Watch Series 7 (starting at $399)

Apple does not market models like the Series 4, Series 5 or Series 6 but you can sometimes find bargains on them from Amazon or other retailers, and they merit consideration due to the fact that Apple continues to support them through software updates. One of the only Apple Watch models that don’t receive the most recent watchOS update are models in the Series 1 as well as the Series 2, so do not buy these models!

At present, Walmart has one of the most affordable Apple Watch offers available. Walmart has its Apple Watch 3 (GPS/38mm) at a price of $169 that’s the second-lowest price and most affordable Apple Watch deal available. (If you aren’t able to find the price, consider buying an alternative hue watch). It’s also $10 less than its regular price.

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Additionally, Amazon has the new Apple Watch 7 (GPS/41mm) available for sale at $349. That’s $50 off , and is one of the most amazing Apple Watch deals we’ve seen throughout the year. It’s also our lowest cost we’ve seen for the latest-gen Apple Watch. Make sure you buy these watches fast, because prices are constantly changing.

Thankfully, every Apple Watch model offers ample features and has experienced many discounts during the last year. Which ones are worth considering if you’re shopping for Apple’s most popular smartwatch and want to save money?

Currently there are four Apple Watch models to choose from, and all come with watch OS 8.The most expensive model one is the Apple Watch Series 7.The model that was released last year called Series 6, Series 6, has received small discounts at certain retailers since its launch, but can still be found at $399 too. If one of these models is too costly However, you can save around $120 by opting to purchase one of the Apple Watch SE, which will cost $279.

There’s also the old series 3 which is the least expensive Apple Watch to date. It starts at a price of $199, however it often goes for sale. If you’re looking for something more durable it’s worth look at Apple’s latest models since it’s not known what time frame Apple will release software updates for Series 3 models beyond watchOS 8. Whatever model you choose we’ve listed the top Apple Watch deals below.

ModelSizeColorsList PriceSale PricePurchase
Apple Watch SE40mm, GPSGray, gold$279$249Amazon
Apple Watch SE40mm, LTEMultiple$329$299
Apple Watch SE44mm, GPSSilver$309$269Amazon
Apple Watch Series 741mm, GPSGreen, red$399$349Amazon
Apple Watch Series 741mm, LTEBlack, green$499$449Amazon
Apple Watch Series 745mm, GPSMultiple$429$379Amazon
Apple Watch Series 745mm, LTERed, green$529$479Amazon
Apple Watch Series 640mm, GPSPink, Red$499$359Amazon
Apple Watch Series 540mm, GPSPink$309$245Amazon
Apple Watch Series 544mm, GPSPink$349$279Amazon
Apple Watch Series 444mm, GPSMultiple$249$209Amazon
Apple Watch Series 338 mm, GPSBlack$199$174.98Amazon
Apple Watch Series 342 mm, GPSGray$229$184.99Amazon
Best Apple Watch Deals