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Apple may let you use Face ID with a mask in the next iOS update


The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated the use of face masks making it difficult to use Face ID security authentication to access iPhones or iPads.

Apple solved this issue in the iOS 13.5 update, permitting FaceID to be used as a FaceID feature to recognize whether the person was wearing a mask, and immediately ask for a passcode, instead of trying to authenticate with the face of the user. 

When it came to iOS 14.5 update Apple took it further by letting users with Apple Watches open iPhones with masks provided that their watches were near.

The latest news is that Apple is developing the possibility of a new feature that would allow iPhone users to utilize FaceID when wearing masks.

Apple plans to release an update to its iOS update that allows users to utilize Face ID with a mask. The expected schedule for its arrival is not very far but in the upcoming weeks.

The new update is an answer to questions expressed regarding Face ID’s security. A few users have expressed concern that someone might use disguises to trick the system to unlock their phones.

Apple has claimed that the probability of having the ability to fool Face ID using masks is one in one million. But, Apple plans to roll out the update to provide users with more faith in their security. The latest update will include additional security enhancements.

Screenshots of this feature posted on Twitter demonstrate that FaceID uses the area that surrounds the eyes to identify an individual and then unlock the iPhone.

However, it warns users that it will function most precisely’ only when it’s set up for face recognition that is fully functional.

In addition, the report states it is expected that iPhone users will receive special toggles inside the Apple Settings application to enable Face ID with masks. The new feature is called “Use Face ID when wearing a mask’ Mask toggle button can be activated to activate this feature.

It’s interesting to note that there’s an updated feature for ‘Add glasses’ in order to help make Face ID more accurate when you’re wearing glasses and masks, all at the same time.

In terms of availability related to availability, the new feature is anticipated to launch in iOS 15.4. iOS 15.4 upgrade.

Although the models that will be supported aren’t available yet, it’s easy to imagine that this feature will be accessible on all iPads and iPhones that have support for FaceID that including iPhone X and newer models 2nd-gen 12.9-inch and the second generation 11-inch iPad Pro and newer models.

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