Informe Laboratories Inc

What is Informe Laboratories Inc?


The New Profile Pic application has gained significant popularity in both the United States and Australia. According to reliable sources, this application enables users to transform their profile pictures into artistic renditions and subsequently share them on their social media profiles.

There have been apprehensions regarding the legitimacy of the application, raising concerns about potential cybersecurity risks for its users. So what’s the connection between the app and Informe Laboratories Inc?

Why are Informe Laboratories featured in the news?

The online community expressed significant interest in a recently launched application called “The New Profile Pic.” However, reports have suggested that the app, which gained viral attention in May 2022, is potentially fraudulent. The app employs artificial intelligence technology to enable users to convert their profile pictures into artistic or cartoon-style portraits.

Upon conducting additional investigation, it has been determined that the application in question was developed by Informe Laboratories Inc, a company based in New Zealand. Subsequent sections will delve into the reasons behind the company’s media coverage and provide further details regarding the application.

Additional information about the Informe Laboratories Inc Company

1. Subsequent research has unveiled specific particulars regarding the application.

2. The company in question has also developed additional applications such as ToonMe Cartoon Photo Editor, Access Browser, Face Switch Face Editor, AIportraits, and Face Switch Face Editor.

3. The website of the application is currently owned by Linerock Investments.

4. Based on available research, the company’s headquarters are located in Moscow, in close proximity to the Russian Ministry of Defence.

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According to reliable sources, the website in question has been registered under the ownership of Linerock Investments, a company situated in close proximity to Russia’s Ministry of Defence. As a result, the New Profile Pic App has come under scrutiny by cyber security authorities.

Jake Moore, the Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET Internet Security, has expressed ambiguity regarding the association between the website and the app. In light of this, users are strongly advised to exercise prudence before sharing any personal information or uploading photos.

There are widespread rumors regarding the app’s purported capability to capture high-resolution facial images, as well as collect data and facial features. The app in question was developed by Informe Laboratories Inc, based in New Zealand. Notably, the website associated with the app is registered under Linerock Investments, located in Moscow, Russia.

Final Conclusion

This article aims to comprehensively elucidate the reasons behind the company’s current media coverage and shed light on the contentious aspects associated with its application.