mechanical workshop software makes business successful

Why Mechanical Workshop software makes the workshop business successful?


Mechanical workshop software will be software used to smooth out the working of a workshop. The work of the workshop proprietor doesn’t end with simply setting up the workshop, the tasks should be executed proficiently. The workshop proprietor has the difficult undertaking of maintaining his business by enhancing the assets and expanding productively.

Here we introduce 5iQ workshop software which helps workshop users to automate and integrate their business to meet your desired goals for service, repair, and maintenance of your workshops.

With the help of 5iQ, you can streamline your process which provides work efficiency and increases productivity.

5iQ provides different features like dashboard management, Marketing with AI, Mobile Apps, Customer and assets management, Workshop management, Inspection report and compliance forms, smart scheduler, and reports. With all these unique features you will achieve your desired goal and run your workshop smoothly without any hesitation.

The fundamental highlights expected in mechanical workshop software are;

  1. Dashboard Management
  2. Marketing with AI
  3. Mobile Apps
  4. Customer and Assets Management
  5. Workshop Management
  6. Inspection Report and compliance forms
  7. Smart scheduler
  8. Reports

Dashboard Management

5iQ offers BI data visualization and solutions for businesses to help with the resolution of issues in the automotive industry, and beyond. You’ll have complete visibility and know which strategies are working! Live-up dates will inform you with precise reports. You will no longer be required to use spreadsheets, allowing you to concentrate on improving the efficiency of your business. Success indicators show you the way you’re performing and provide you with opportunities to improve.

Marketing With AI

Our data visualization technology is looking into the future, allowing you to determine and forecast outcomes with Artificial Intelligence. The collaboration between marketing and sales will decide on the requirements for booking according to forecast and demand. This will result in a call to action. Reduce the risk of your workshop by coordinating your schedule. The AI will notify you of under-utilized days ahead of time to avoid loss of profits and productivity.

Mobile Apps

Check your tasks and jobs for the day or weeks ahead and then create an account for a client, make the booking, and control your timetable. Explore all 3 stages of your tasks currently in progress, pending, and finished. Create an order for purchase and upload attachments, then edit work notes, and view times. Review the comments, review parts and labor, and then generate an invoice in just a few seconds.

Customer and Asset Management

Keep track of your supplier, client, and employee records. The full history of each transaction made through the system. Set up pricing levels for customers for then apply them to the customer’s credit card. You can run reports on your customers.

Workshop Management

Dashboard view of your daily and weekly bookings. With parts integration from Burson Ezy Parts and Repco, you can easily quote. Our smart scheduler allows you to manage your jobs and bookings, ensuring productivity. Three easy steps to book a hotel. Drag and drop to create a job, book, or reschedule.

Inspection Report and Compliance Forms

Maintained and create customer, supplierand employee files. You can view the full history of each transaction that was submitted to the system. Create customer pricing levels and then apply to the customer card. Report on your customers

Smart Scheduler

Customers can book via the app and have their orders automatically dropped in – there is no need to double handle. So you can stay in control, all requests are stored for approval and review. You can see the primary and secondary reasons why it is in the workshop by using tags. Smart scheduler analyzes your workshop schedule to predict slower days.


You’ll be able to see more clearly and spot potential opportunities better. Operational reports are used to track business progress and change. Monitor current performance on key metrics. Streamline reporting allows you to drill down and identify the most profitable areas of your business.


Which software suits best for workshop Management?

5iQ workshop software is explicitly tweaked for the workshop business. It is an extremely easy-to-use and simple-to-utilize software that can be utilized even by a weak individual. It mechanizes every one of the exercises of the workshop from work cards, Stock administration, arrangement booking, the customer board, bookkeeping, and so on.

How can I enhance the efficiency of workshops?

Use a workshop management program to increase the efficiency of your workshop and increase the size of your business.

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