Bravo browser

The latest Brave browser offers the highest speed and privacy, by blocking advertisements and trackers.


Three times quicker than Chrome. Privacy is better by default over Firefox. Bravo Browser uses 35% less battery on mobile. By blocking harmful advertisements and trackers, you’ll enjoy speedier Internet. Brave loads the most popular news websites at least six times more quickly than Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on desktop and mobile devices.

Some browsers claim that they have the “private mode” but it only hides your personal information from other users of your browser.

Brave lets you access Tor within the tab. Tor does more than hide your past history, but it also conceals your location from sites you visit, by redirecting your web browsing through a variety of servers before reaching the destination. The connection is encrypted to enhance anonymity.

Switch on Brave Rewards to earn frequent tokens of fliers for watching ads that respect privacy.

You can currently support your favorite web creators by using tokens. However, in the future, you’ll be able to use your tokens to purchase premium content and gift cards, and many more. Make sure you can control the ads you see.

As a reward for being attentive to ads, you get 70 percent of the revenue Brave earns. This revenue is from Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

After the month, you have the option to choose to withdraw your BAT as cash or transfer it to others by giving tips to your top websites or content creators. Simply go to the Brave Rewards page and then click “Send an offer” to immediately share your BAT earnings with the creators of content you love.

The fact that you’ll be paid isn’t all the reason for choosing to sign up for Brave Ads — it lets you interact with brands and advertisements with greater consideration. Brave lets you decide the ads you see as well as the frequency you view them.

You no longer have to watch advertisements on YouTube, 11 and certainly no more navigating through your various open tabs to discover which annoyingly loud video advertisement is. With Brave ads, advertisements play at your own pace.

Switching is simple

  • Import the file and carry on where you left off.
  • It’s simple to transfer the settings of your previous browser. 
  • Your old browser profiles will be listed in the list. You can also import other information about your browser using an item in the menu titled “Import bookmarks, settings and preferences.”

Make sure you support your top sites by signing up for Brave Rewards

  • You can turn off Brave Rewards and pay some back to the websites you use the most. Earn frequent flyer tokens (BAT) for watching privacy-friendly advertisements on Brave and helping to fund the content you enjoy.
  • The web browsing experience using Brave is absolutely free. Once you have Brave Rewards enabled you are able to support the creators of your favorite content with the amount that works for you.
  • Brave will automatically split your donations based on the time you devote to websites. You can also choose to directly tip the site or even provide an amount that is fixed each month.
  • This is all done while making your browsing history secure. The funds you earn are distributed to owners of sites via an anonymized ledger therefore you aren’t identifiable according to the websites that you visit and the ones you patronize. More than 10,000 publishers and content creators have signed up to receive Brave Rewards.
  • Be aware that the contributions are voluntary and browsing the internet with Brave is completely free.

Enjoy unrivaled privacy and security.

  • Brave fights malware and blocks trackers, keeping your data safe and safe. This is our number one priority.

The company we work for isn’t in the personal information business.

  • Our servers do not see nor keep your browsing information – it’s private and stays on your devices until you erase it. That means that we’ll never sell your data to any third organizations.

Set your shield’s settings to your liking.

  • Select your settings for each site or on an all-over basis. Find out how many advertisements and trackers are blocked by Brave each daily on Brave’s New Tab page.

Security and simplicity meet

  • If you’re willing to download and install multiple extensions and be sure to set up and maintain the settings for both the browser and the extensions you could be able to match some of Brave’s privacy or security.

Brave takes care of all the tasks for you. Simple, right?

  • If it is possible to do so, using whenever possible, using the HTTPS Everywhere listing, Brave automatically upgrades to HTTPS to encrypted, secure communications whenever any other browser is using an insecure connection.

It is the defaults that count

  • You can browse with confidence with default settings that prevent phishing, malware and malicious advertising. Additionally, plugins, which have been proven to pose security risks are turned off by default.

Sync your devices bravely

  • Brave Sync, currently in beta, is able to secure and synchronize your favorite configurations and your bookmarks. But, Brave isn’t equipped with the key required to secure your information.

Additional Features:


  • Ad blockers
  • Fingerprinting prevention*
  • Cookie control*
  • HTTPS upgrade*
  • Block scripts*
  • Site-specific shield settings
  • Global shields can be configured with defaults.


  • Clear browsing data
  • Built-in password manager
  • Form autofill
  • Control access to content for full-screen presentations
  • Access to the control site for auto-playing media
  • “Do not track” with a request to “Do not follow” with requests for browsing

Brave Rewards

  • Earn money by watching private ads
  • Give a tip to your favorite creators
  • Contribute each month to these sites
  • Auto-contribute data to sites
  • Check with Uphold and transfer money into the wallet and out
  • Be a verified creator and begin earning BAT through suggestions, contributions and referrals

Brave Firewall + VPN (paid feature, iOS only)

  • Contrary to many browsers offering VPNs that mask an users IP address, the Brave Firewall + VPN operated by Guardian, gives users increased security and privacy through encryption and safeguarding everything users do when connecting to the Internet.
  • Trackers that block trackers are blocked across the entire applications
  • It protects all connections
  • We will never sell or share your information.
  • The VPN server doesn’t know who you are.