Wordle” will “initially” remain completely free following its purchase by New York Times


The ‘Wordle’ was bought for an amount ” in the lower seven figures”

Wordle has recently been acquired from The New York Times Company It said that it would “initially” remain open to new and existing users.

The word-guessing hit game will be part of the Times collection of daily puzzle titles.

The popular online word game Wordle is being acquired by The New York Times, which plans to integrate Wordle’s daily puzzles to The New York Times Games Word Games, a collection of word games the game’s creator Josh Wardle announced today.

Wordle is expected to “initially remain completely free for new and existing users” after it’s moved to the Times website, and Wardle declares that he’s collaborating in conjunction with The New York Times to keep players’ previous streaks and wins once the game moves to its new location.

However, The New York Times announcement leaves ample opportunity for the company to decide to place Wordle under its own paywall at some point in the future.


Wardle’s announcement about the sale for a price reported by the New York Times‘ announcement states is “an unidentified amount of around seven figures” Wardle explains that the sale has been “a little overwhelming.”

Wardle states that managing the game, which is hugely popular, has “been somewhat overwhelming,” particularly considering that he’s actually the only one who is actually responsible for the whole game.

“We are happy to become the new home of this enchanting game and we’re honored to bring Josh Wardle’s beloved creation to even more puzzlers in the near future,”

said Jonathan Knight, General Manager of The New York Times Games in the Times news of its acquisition. 

As it transitions into The New York Times, Wordle will join a collection of other daily puzzles that are popular which include The New York Times Crossword as well as The Mini crossword Spelling Bee, Letter-Boxed, Tiles, and Vertex.

According previously mentioned in New York Times profile explains, Wordle was originally invented by Wardle to give as a present to his wife, Palak Shah, after they both became addicted to games of words (like the Times Crosswords and Spelling Bee) in the midst of the pandemic. 2020 saw the release of Wordle publicly.

It has since seen a huge rise in popularity due to the widespread, emoji-based posts that let players post their results in the daily game without ruining the experience for others.

While Wardle maintained Wordle for its entirely free, online-based experience, it was soon copied by a variety of rivals who sought to take advantage of the popularity of the game by creating imitation iPhone apps.

Apple promptly removed the games off the App Store in response to reports which put the spotlight on the replicas however Wordle‘s rapidly growing popularity has also helped to lift older, non-related Word games ( like the similarly named Wordle!), too.

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